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Reverse the root cause of Adrenal fatigue, chronic exhaustion and burnout through holistic, mind, body, spiritual and energetic methods.

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10 Signs You Are In a Toxic Relationship [Part 1]

  The warning Signs of Hidden Emotional, Psychological, and Narcissistic Abuse  This blog may trigger you. And I am okay with that, because my main intention in writing this is in hopes it reaches the women who need this wake up call. Please share this blog on your social media…

3 Causes of Weight Gain and Chronic Fatigue

Weight gain? Chronic Fatigue? Not feeling like yourself? I may have some insights into why in this blog.  If your pants suddenly don’t fit anymore, and you are perplexed as to WHY, I am going to shed some light on possible causes. Note that all of these are symptoms, and…

How to Keep a High Vibration When You Don’t Feel Well

What to do when you feel funky, and are fearful of making your situation or health worse by feeling emotionally heavy, worried, stressed or upset. How to use energy work and the Law of Attraction to attract more of what you want, when things aren’t going well.  My 3 Step…

Reverse Adrenal Fatigue Without a Meal Plan

I see you. You’ve got that printout from your Naturopath (or a book you’re reading) of the food plan you are supposed to be on stuck to your refrigerator. And, along with it, a list so long of the things you have to avoid, you wonder WTF you are supposed…

The Space Between The Old and New You

“Where do I go from here”? Sometimes, when we are on the path to spiritual and emotional expansion, we AWAKEN to WHY we have been feeling so terrible, how the ingrained patterns have been limiting us for so long, and then ..a light comes on. Often times this comes through in…

Adrenal Fatigue and Morning Brain Fog

Adrenal Fatigue and Morning Brain Fog  One of the biggest challenges adrenal fatigue and low morning cortisol can cause it waking up feeling unwell, un-rested, and with severe brain fog. Low morning cortisol often creates symptoms of: Headaches and feeling groggy Body aches and muscle stiffness Feeling Hung over (and…

5 Warning Signs of Adrenal Dysfunction

6 Warning Signs of Adrenal Dysfunction and Burnout Maybe this has been something you have been experiencing for awhile now. You don’t feel yourself. You wake up tired and try to fall asleep at night but find you are too wired to actually fall asleep. Your energy dips into low,…

Invest in Yourself: Stop Asking For Permission and Step into Your Power

When you are truly ready to change your life, you will stop asking everyone for their advice, and just go for it. This might sting a little, but sometimes (most times) our friends, family, and even our spouse aren’t the best people to go to for advice.  Especially with the…

The Quantum Shift

A Quantum Leap is defined as “an abrupt change, a sudden increase, or dramatic advance”. What if you could shift how you feel much faster than you believe is possible, right here and now? I’m talking about this in the video below. A client of mine has had what I…