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Who am I and how can I help you?

I help female entrepreneurs regain their energy, get focused in their business and uplevel their life (from the inside out).

I want to help you take ownership over your life and business and create everything you desire.

If you’re a female entrepreneur who’s juggling all of your many roles as a woman, mother and doer of all things, along with doing everything you can to stay healthy and recover from a chronic health condition, life Adrenal, Hormone or Thyroid Imbalances, you have come to the right place.

If your health issues are keeping you from showing up consistently in your business and doing what you know you need to be doing to move toward your dreams, this is where I come in.

I want to help you get laser focused and create a life and business with more ease, and less stress.

To show you how to curb the overwhelm, overworking, and overachieving burnout patterns, and find your inner balance while you build your business.

How do I help you regain your energy and get focused in your business and find more balance in your life?

Through my Podcast

Each week we dive into a new topic related to personal transformation and wellness, along with business tips and inspiration to support your personal and business growth.

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Through my 1:1 Transformation Programs




I help you focus in on exactly what you need to do to regain your energy, transform your life, and create more ease and flow (and money) in your business. We work on the key areas of your life so that you can release anything that’s not working, and create new habits, practices, strategies and mindsets that will get you to where you want to go in every area. 

If you’re ready to take your health back, transform your life and make more money, book a consultation to get the process started.

For more success stories from countless women who have experienced transformation working with me you can find testimonials, case studies and podcast interviews HERE.

Reverse the root cause of Adrenal fatigue, chronic exhaustion and burnout through holistic, mind, body, spiritual and energetic methods.

My wish for all women is that they can have everything their heart and soul desires to have without having to sacrifice what truly matters to them. We can each have our own version of success in health, business, career, family and more, in a way that works for us as individuals. My mission is to inspire and activate the empowerment within women through my podcast, blog, social media channels, programs and client work, so that more women can show up and rise up to be exactly who they desire to be. You can create everything you dream of without burning yourself out in the process. Would you like to receive a free subscription to my weekly dose of inspiration and empowerment updates via email?

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How to Run Your Business With Hormone Related Fatigue

Managing your business while experiencing health issues can be challenging. But there is a way to manage your energy and tap into your body’s wisdom, natural rhythms and cycles to overcome the pattern of taking inconsistent actions, leading to inconsistent results, in your life and business. Are you a female…

Empowered Hormone Health Series for Entrepreneurs: Low Progesterone

Empowered Hormone Health Series for Entrepreneurs Part 1: Low Progesterone As entrepreneurs, we’re naturally driven and creative, and tend toward pushing our body and working past exhaustion to get things done. And this is why so many entrepreneurial women are hitting the burnout wall. We’re operating like men, in a…

Stop Blaming Self Sabotage for Why Aren’t Where You Want to Be

The reason you aren’t where you want to be is because you’re not taking ACTIONS that are ALIGNED with what you say you want. This is what self sabotage is. Why do we do this? There’s a plethora of reasons like: not feeling deserving, fear, doubt, laziness, believing our thoughts…

The Emotional Transformation Triangle

Learning how to work with our emotions is the key to emotional empowerment. Having tools and processes to guide us through tough emotions is the way toward self healing, physical healing, healthier relationships, greater feelings of well-being, more mental clarity, and building success habits in other areas of our lives…

3 Mistakes You Might Be Making in Your Coaching Business

My mission and passion is to ignite and activate the empowerment of women. This passion led me to going to school to study Applied Counselling Psychology to become a Counsellor, and what I have been doing for the past 7 years working with clients. When I first started, like most…

The 5K Month Formula For Holistic Health Professionals

  Like most coaches and counsellors, I graduated from my educational program, and swiftly opened up my 1:1 client practice, charging a rate of $80-$100/hour. As a newbie, it was a little scary to step out into this new world of serving clients in this way, and put a price…

Overachieving Personality Burnout

What is Overachieving Personality Burnout? I came up with this term one day contemplating what the women who have come to me over the years seem to struggle with most underneath other labels of adrenal fatigue, thyroid conditions, and hormone imbalances.  I Googled it to see if anyone else was…

5 Things 3 Years in My Online Therapy and Coaching Business Has Taught Me

5 Things 3 Years in My Online Therapy and Coaching Business Has Taught Me Making the decision to transition my counselling practice fully online in 2016 was something I was so excited to embark on. To be home for my kids before and after school has always been a top…

Is it Time to Pivot in Your Business?

There are times in life and business, that we need to make a pivot. To blaze a path into unfamiliar, new territory. But how do you know if you should make the change, or just keep pushing (or hobbling) along? This is a question only we can answer within ourselves,…