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I help Type A, sensitive and soulful women transform Adrenal Fatigue and burnout, regain their energy and reclaim their life when all the supplements and restrictive meal plans aren’t working.

Healing happens at the mind, body, energetic, emotional level. We are not one dimensional, so our healing plan shouldn’t be either!

I will guide you to rise to the next level in your spiritual, emotional and physical self healing journey and address the root causes of your stubborn mystery health symptoms your doctors and even the best Naturopath can’t help you with.

If you’re ready to start saying YES to yourself, start with the 5 Day Adrenal Kick Start Challenge.

When you heal yourself, you create a ripple effect that spreads far beyond your wildest dreams.

It’s your time. I can’t wait to see you shine.

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Reverse the root cause of Adrenal fatigue, chronic exhaustion and burnout through holistic, mind, body, spiritual and energetic methods.





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Can Adrenal Fatigue Really Be Cured?

Can Adrenal Fatigue Actually Be Cured? Knowing what got you to Adrenal Fatigue is the path to healing. It is almost like reverse engineering what lead you to this place. What internal beliefs, thought patterns, past programming, stressors, relationship patterns have you carried with you? How have you handled stress,…

Eating Disorders Masked as Healthy Living

Do you have an unhealthy relationship to health and your body? “If you have to force it let it go” ~ Leanne There are many women right now living with addictions and obsessive behaviors around food and exercise that are being masked as healthful living. Calorie and portion restriction, limiting…

Adrenal Fatigue: 5 Keys to Reclaiming Your Inner Radiance and Passion

Reversing Adrenal fatigue is about so much more than supplements. I feel like I need a billboard and a megaphone because I can’t say this enough. In this masterclass I am talking about 5 keys to overcoming exhaustion, and reclaiming you inner radiance, and zest for life. Grab a cuppa…

11 Self Help and Spiritual Principles that Don’t Work in an Abusive Relationship [Part 3]  

Self Help and Spiritual Principles that Don’t Work in an Abusive Relationship Work on your self esteem – No matter how much you work on your self esteem and read self help books, know that being in an abusive, hurtful and toxic relationship is likely what has caused your low…

6 Things to Do When You Discover You are In an Abusive Relationship [Part 2]

So now that you have discovered you are in a toxic or possibly abusive relationship from Part 1, now what? You may be feeling all sorts of emotions including shock, disillusionment, confusion, guilt, shame, grief, anger, rage, disbelief and maybe even feel guilty for seeing your partner you thought loved…

10 Signs You Are In a Toxic Relationship [Part 1]

  The warning Signs of Hidden Emotional, Psychological, and Narcissistic Abuse  This blog may trigger you. And I am okay with that, because my main intention in writing this is in hopes it reaches the women who need this wake up call. Please share this blog on your social media…

3 Major Causes of Weight Gain and Chronic Fatigue

Weight gain? Chronic Fatigue? Not feeling like yourself? I may have some insights into why in this blog.  If your pants suddenly don’t fit anymore, and you are frustrated and hate what you see in the mirror,  I am going to shed some light on possible causes. Note that all…

How to Keep a High Vibration When You Don’t Feel Well

What to do when you feel funky, and are fearful of making your situation or health worse by feeling emotionally heavy, worried, stressed or upset. How to use energy work and the Law of Attraction to attract more of what you want, when things aren’t going well.  My 3 Step…

Reverse Adrenal Fatigue Without a Meal Plan

I see you. You’ve got that printout from your Naturopath (or a book you’re reading) of the food plan you are supposed to be on stuck to your refrigerator. And, along with it, a list so long of the things you have to avoid, you wonder WTF you are supposed…