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Welcome to my website!

I’m Leanne Oaten, a leading Holistic Counsellor and Empowerment Life Coach for Driven, Overachieving Entrepreneurial Women.

I help you simplify, get focused, and create more balance and boundaries in your business and life so that you can be more present for your family, important relationships and have plenty of time to take care of your health and well-being.

Your business, life and family can only thrive to the level that YOU are thriving. 

I will guide you to rise to the next level in every corner of your life and rapidly shift your energy so that you can do everything you need to do to create the life you desire (with energy to spare).

Let go of the overwhelm and overwork and move into more flow and presence in your life.

You CAN create a business and life that feels aligned with who you are, without hustling into burnout, or sacrificing your health,  even while raising a family.

Curious about how I can help you get started?  



Reverse the root cause of Adrenal fatigue, chronic exhaustion and burnout through holistic, mind, body, spiritual and energetic methods.

On the Blog

Why Emotional Intelligence is Essential for Entrepreneurs

You can’t lead others when you are an emotional hot mess yourself. I’ve been in the personal transformation field for nearly 7 years, and in my counselling practice working with my clients, one thing that was a major focus of the work I did (and still do) with my clients…

Cultivating Healthy Self Love and Finding Your Purpose

  What if your only purpose is to learn how to fully love yourself? Not everyone is digging deep to find their purpose in life. But you, you reading this, you’re different. You know you have a deeper calling. Something that you feel compelled to do, and sometimes it doesn’t…

What if the Universe Doesn’t Have Your Back?

What if the Universe Doesn’t Have Your back?   I’ve been deep in reflection lately, well, as always, and this morning felt compelled to share what I really feel and believe about this whole “Universe has your back” thing. This may ruffle some feathers, but this also might just be…

6 Ways to Shift Your Money and Wealth Consciousness

How Empowered are you with your money and finances? Whether their husbands are the main income providers or not, many times women defer their financial power to their partners. I’ve had women I’ve spoken to on consults use their parents or partner as an excuse for why they can’t invest…

Is it Time To Take a Leap in a New Direction?

Is it time to take a leap in a new direction? I’ve been feeling it coming for awhile. I’ve been fighting it. The feeling like I am meant to be doing something different. That I have nothing more to say on the subject of Adrenal Fatigue. I’ve said pretty much…

Here’s What’s Broken with Conventional Medical Treatment

What’s Broken with the current model of “Health Care”? A Whole Lot! This is a little bit of a rant, but hey, if it serves you on some level, I have done my job. There’s a quote (I don’t know who first said it) “Doctors aren’t for health care, they’re…

Functional Medicine and Supplements Aren’t Enough

This is for you if you are working with a Functional Medicine or Naturopathic Doctor, have been diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue and Aren’t Getting Better with Diet and Supplements. I hear this over and over and over again. “I’m working with a Functional Medicine Doctor, and have been tested and…

Is Adrenal Fatigue a Real Condition?

Is Adrenal Fatigue a Real Condition? Or have Functional Medicine health experts been wrong all along? This is a gnarly topic, and one I am going to do my best to break down as simply as possible. I believe it’s the one who believes they have nothing else to learn,…

How to Let Go of Heavy Weight

Is the weight you are carrying wearing you down? I don’t mean weight as in number on the scale, I mean spiritual and emotional weight. This weight weighs heavy, and actually can be a root cause for physical weight gain as well! Sometimes the weight is emotional. For me personally,…