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“The Spirit is life, the mind is the builder, the physical is the result”. – Edgar Cayce.

Whether it comes to health, relationships or business, Leanne’s approach is always grounded in looking for the root cause of why we get stuck in negative patterns in our lives, and aims to empower and inspire you to transform your life from the inside out.

Everything we create in our physical world, which is the symptom, or the effect, originates within.

For 7 years Leanne has practiced as a Holistic Counsellor and Transformation Coach, helping women overcome burnout, depression, anxiety, emotional eating and extreme dieting patterns with her inside out approach.

She now focuses in on helping women come into their power and wholeness when they are experiencing narcissistic emotional abuse.

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Everything we want and desire starts within. So let’s start there!


On this podcast you’ll find topics on:

✔ Adrenal Fatigue Recovery and Hormone Health

✔ Burnout Recovery and Prevention

✔ Inner Transformation, Psychology, Emotional Health and Stress Mastery

✔ Marriage/Relationship including narcissistic emotional abuse guidance and empowerment in your relationship

✔ Overcoming negative habits that hold you back from reaching your goals

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