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Cultivating Healthy Self Love and Finding Your Purpose

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20.Mar, 2019 Comments Off on Cultivating Healthy Self Love and Finding Your Purpose Business and Leadership,Podcast Show Notes,Self Help & Growth,Soul Growth,Work- Life Balance,Work/Purpose

Cultivating Healthy Self Love and Finding Your Purpose


What if your only purpose is to learn how to fully love yourself?

Not everyone is digging deep to find their purpose in life.

But you, you reading this, you’re different.

You know you have a deeper calling. Something that you feel compelled to do, and sometimes it doesn’t even make sense.

For me this has been sharing my words on my social posts, blogs, and podcast. Nobody is here telling me what I need to do, and what I need to share, it comes from within.

It comes from my own lived experiences, and inner wisdom I have gained on this journey.

But even I have struggled to find purpose in all that I do every day, and to be honest some moments I lose touch of what I am here to do.

I was listening to Anita Moorjani the other day on my walk, and she said something to the tune that our only purpose is to love ourselves.

I felt inspired to dive deeper into this concept, and talk about what healthy self love is, and what I have learned on this journey so far.

I’m sharing what it is NOT, and also 12 things you can let go of to let healthy self love into your being.

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