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Is it Time To Take a Leap in a New Direction?

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28.Feb, 2019 Comments Off on Is it Time To Take a Leap in a New Direction? Adrenal Fatigue,Money & Abundance,Work- Life Balance

Is it Time To Take a Leap in a New Direction?

Is it time to take a leap in a new direction?

I’ve been feeling it coming for awhile.

I’ve been fighting it.

The feeling like I am meant to be doing something different.

That I have nothing more to say on the subject of Adrenal Fatigue. I’ve said pretty much all I can on the podcast, on these blogs, on my social media posts, Youtube videos, free trainings,  email newsletters and my paid courses. 

I was finding that everything I went to go write, create a podcast, or some other content, I didn’t have much more to say, my inspiration and passion for teaching on this subject for several years has run it’s course, and I am ready for something different.

Maybe you’re feeling this tug.

The idea that keeps surfacing.

That thing you really would like to do.

The thing you keep getting signs you’re supposed to do.

But you keep talking yourself out of it.

You tell yourself you’re too busy, too tired, don’t have the money, you have kids, you aren’t ready….sound familiar?

The thing is that we never really feel 100% ready to make a change, and move out of our comfort zone.

But ignoring the nudges, and callings of our inner guide, our Muse, can literally stunt our growth and ruin our health. Yep!

And for me, this first nudge came when I was working with a coach a few years back.

But, I resisted what she affirmed to me, and ignored my gut feeling to support entrepreneurial women who have hit burnout.

I didn’t feel ready for that.

I didn’t know exactly what that would even look like, or how it would unfold.

I went back into my comfort zone of what I know.

I told myself I wasn’t ready.

That I had to get to a certain level or goal to lead other entrepreneurs.

I had to take more courses (so I did).

I had to make my 10 k months (so I did).

I have spent a total of more than 30k to date on my education to coach and counsel clients, as well as to learn this online business, marketing entrepreneur thing from top – notch business mentors. But I was telling myself it wasn’t enough!

Then I told myself I had to have perfect health myself before I could help others (I have some health challenges that are requiring me to learn exactly what I am now teaching)!

Isn’t it funny how our inner critic will try and tell us how we’re not good enough, talk us out of what we want to do, and tell us we’re not ready – even when it’s total BS?

I want to teach and lead by my example.

To do less and be more present with myself and my loved ones. To Simplify. Focus. Work less. Streamline. Make space for rest, relaxation, and my family and self care.

To get lots of sleep, and make sure I’m eating well.

I want to start a movement of #healthyhustlers and fully energized entrepreneurs who are full from within. So filled up from within they can give from the overflow without depleting themselves!

Fast forward to now, I had several confirmations this past week leading up to this revelation that nudged me over the edge to make this new move in my business.

To just rip the band aid off and take the leap.

The idea felt exciting, liberating, like breaking out of a cocoon.

The ideas are flowing non-stop for content and the direction I want to go.

I have a lineup of podcast episodes ready to be recorded that are centered around soulful success, growth and health, money mindset, law of attraction, and business inspiration.

Just a few days ago I was feeling stuck, uninspired and like I was slogging through thick mud.

I was resisting my next level.

The reason I am sharing this openly is so that you can decide if I’m still for you or not.

And, also in hopes it may inspire you to do the thing you think you cannot do.

My new focus is to help entrepreneurial (and career focused women) who are experiencing some hormone/adrenal/thyroid imbalances to simplify their life, career and business so that they have more time to devote to relaxation, health, self care, and their family.

This came to me after working with so many busy, full time working Moms, and Women, as well as entrepreneurial women who have hit the burnout wall, and are completely out of balance.

My very first leap is creating a Digital Course in 5 Days LIVE Bootcamp for Coaches and Consultants who want to make their business easier, make more money, and work less 1:1 hours.

If you’re interested you can get more info here.

When we work together 1:1, we will work on creating balance through time and energy management, simplifying your life and business, setting boundaries in your relationships and at work with co-workers or clients, and overall create some harmony between all areas of your life.

Then we also work on getting your physical and emotional health on track so that you are taking better care of yourself, so that you can show up fully for the many roles you play in your life.

I still have my digital programs for purchase on their own for Adrenal Fatigue recovery, and Food Freedom, and they are also part of my VIP 1:1 Immersions.


If you’re an entrepreneur that would like to learn how to simplify, streamline and automate the time suckers and energy drainers in your business, so that you can be more effective, focused and  make more money, that’s what I help with!

If you’re juggling work, life, family and marriage and are feeling like you could use more time, energy and balance in your life, my program is also for you.

Interested in working with me privately? Here’s the next step.




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