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Note: These are actual testimonials written to me by women who have worked with me, and their identifying information is kept confidential, names are withheld to protect privacy.

“Before working with Leanne I felt that my entire life was spinning out of control. In addition to suffering with hormonal imbalances I was struggling with extreme guilt, anxiety, periods of disordered eating and was emotionally drained. I felt trapped in a cycle that was making me miserable and defeated.

I had tried countless diet programs and had worked with many professionals, many who were top rated specialists in their respective fields, to resolve my disordered relationship with food and emotional distress. I would make small strides but would quickly fall back into my old ways. Each one of these setbacks left me feeling more hopeless and depressed. I withdrew and isolated myself more and more from my life.

Leanne’s programs and one-on-one sessions have helped understand where the guilt and anxiety originated in my life. I have been able to process these feelings and let the weight of them go. As a result, many of the other struggles I was having drastically improved. It was very much like a cloud lifted and I could see again.

Before the program, I felt hopeless and was afraid of what my future would hold. Now I feel empowered and in control of my destiny. Working with Leanne has given me my life back. I am, and will forever be, eternally grateful that I found Leanne.”  

S.G, Canada

I have had more success with Leanne in 3 months than 25 years of therapy!

Before working intensively with Leanne, my sex hormones were almost non-existent, so low that I was diagnosed with ovarian failure. That was 4 years ago.

Since then I’ve been on a cocktail of hormones and supplements. My levels have increased slightly to levels that allow me to function but I’ve never felt fabulous and energetic.

I started working with Leanne about six weeks ago, focusing on healing my adrenals from the root cause. I have had some really massive breakthroughs. I’ve had more success with Leanne in 3 months than 25 years of therapy”!

Just the other day I saw my most recent labs – and there was a such an improvement in certain levels that I was able to decrease the dose on two medications and stop two supplements! I was crying happy tears.”

– T.K., Alberta, Canada

I realized it wasn’t the food that was the problem, it was how I was using the food.

“Through working 1:1 with Leanne and going through her intuitive eating videos, I realized it wasn’t the food that was the problem, it was how I was using the food. It was a distraction and I wasn’t using it to nourish my body and soul.

It was so empowering to be able to realize that I wasn’t actually hungry for food, but for release, and communication, and to be heard. Leanne is so succinct at helping to pinpoint the reasons for why we are using food, helping me to become more aware of what I am actually hungry for and to help me use food as a way to nourish my soul, not just “stuff” down emotions.

Here’s to restoring relationships with food and our bodies!”

– J.L, Canada 

Leanne has the skills and the (lady) balls to pull you up, cut the crap and give you some tough love from a truly compassionate heart”

She will boost you up, hold space for you, hold you accountable, tell you when you’re not helping yourself. She has a deep, experiential knowledge and wisdom that allows her to dig deep in her own journey and share with you her own vulnerability’s which in turn paves the way for you to meet her in your own vulnerabilities and feel nothing but totally human and still utterly worthy. To me her program is not just for women suffering burn out this is for anyone who has self worth or self confidence issues. Negative thoughts and self image result in low grade chronic and systemic inflammation and stress in the body. For me this manifested physically as severe adrenal fatigue.. Don’t rule her program out just because you don’t identify as having adrenal fatigue or burn out. ~ V.D, Australia

Leanne looked at my whole life picture & suggested it might all be connected… And she was right. I have learned so much from her.

“I came to Leanne in a fog. I was exhausted all the time and unhappy with my life. I was not living a healthy lifestyle, I had multiple medical conditions (including acne, migraines, depression, chronic pain & inflammation, fatigue & poor immune response) and did not know how to harness my own happiness. Leanne looked at my whole life picture & suggested it might all be connected… And she was right. I have learned so much from her. With her guidance I have made big changes in my life and am reaping some powerful benefits. She’s a light in my life & I HIGHLY recommend her to any woman that wants to learn more about herself and be happy.” L.T Canada

“No doctor could help me”.

I had been working on some inner feeling and letting lots of things go, I was forgiving people, I was letting go of anger, hurt, sadness, grief. At some point I knew I needed someone to get me through this rough patch. I tried a psychiatrist but it didn’t help. I didn’t feel as if I was being listened to or even heard. That’s when I took initiative and called Leanne. We set up our first apt and it was super. She helped me to figure out on my own which way I needed to go next. We picked the most important things to work on and worked diligently to get to the rough stuff. She gave me homework and we spoke 1 x a week. In that time I had to dig deep into what I needed to do for me to reach my goals. Thank God I did get through that rough patch feeling great about myself and my decisions. I would totally recommend her for anyone who is suffering with these issues. No doctor could help me. She had lots of awareness of exactly how I was feeling since she has been studying this field for years. She is very knowledgeable and totally worth every penny spent.” 

D.M, United States

“With one session I  shifted, was feeling brighter and heading in the right direction. With a couple sessions, I was back and on the right path”.

” I had hit my personal rock bottom. I was so disconnected, negative towards myself and thought I was ruining every persons life that I came in contact with. I was in a terrible place. I desperately went onto Google and the amazing Soulwork Holistic Counselling popped up! Just seeing this ad and replying to it made me feel lighter.
The following week I met with Leanne and she was my switch. With one session I  shifted, was feeling brighter and heading in the right direction. With a couple sessions, I was back and on the right path. She is so truly remarkable and her holistic insight is incredibly connected. Everything she said resonated so well and has inspired me to pursue my personal dreams. With Leanne’s help, I was able to bring myself back to my true self.
Thanks Leanne!! Words cannot even describe what you have done for me”.

T.M, Canada

“after my very first session I stopped binge eating”.

I was referred to Leanne Oaten by a friend and after my very first session I stopped binge eating. She explained to me how to figure out what triggers were causing me to binge and how to figure out different ways to deal with the everyday stresses in my life. She has been helping me to focus and take care of myself first so that I can enjoy my husband, children, house, pets and work. I am a much happier person today because of Leanne’s help.”

L.S- Canada

..”finally someone who can understand my mental and physical struggles I have been suffering with the course of my life. I am glad that I chose to make the choice to work with Leanne, she has helped me most with the importance of practicing continual and daily self-care, re-building the lost relationship within myself, putting ME before others and trusting myself with life decisions. More importantly, she has helped me to find out what truly aligns within my heart and soul and trusting the universe to guide my progression in life. If you are striving to find a sense of wholeness, with reduced stress, clarity and peace back in your life, Leanne is a resourceful, and empathetic professional who has helped me in doing just that. Thank you Leanne”

Linda A. Canada

“I knew that Leanne (from working with her previously in a group setting) could help me with guidance and understanding about why I felt the way that I did. There was something going on at a deeper level that I wasn’t seeing.After working with Leanne I have a new understanding of what I have experienced in my life, where my [unhealthy behaviors] were coming from, and why I felt and behaved in the ways that I did. She helped me to acknowledge and recognize the issues and guided me though seeing these issues differently and deal with them.I now recognize that what I see and feel are normal, and that I just need to shift my thinking and self love towards myself (positive thinking, recognizing negative feelings/thoughts and turning them into something more that will benefit myself and not others etc.). I would recommend Leanne to help others, because she helped me see the world differently, reminding me that we are all special and deserve self healing; sometimes we just need a little help to get there and Leanne is that special person”

K.T. Canada

“I now have more energy, less pain (physical & emotional), and enjoy getting up in the morning”.

Before working with Leanne I was lacking direction, and feeling completely unfulfilled. I felt like a prisoner in my mundane life: stuck in a thick fog unable to make decisions, and lacking the motivation to get out of bed in the morning.  My relationship was crumbling, parenting was a daily struggle, and the smallest things stressed me out.  I was depressed, tired all the time, and always sick missing work.After working with Leanne, I now have more energy, less pain (physical & emotional), and enjoy getting up in the morning.  My days have many moments of joy, and when I start to feel bogged down I now know how to identify my feelings and work through them.  I’ve learned impeccable self-care, and as a part of that, how to respectfully say no to others so I’m not giving away all my time anymore.  I feel a deeper connection with my partner now that I know about triggers, energy leaks, and boundaries.  I no longer carry the weight of the world on my shoulders and I’ve learned how to keep the dark from creeping in. I finally feel like me again. All this has led to a deeper understanding of my SELF, my needs, and my dreams. Leanne has given me the tools to confidently blaze my own path and own my happiness. Thank you Leanne.”

L.T Canada

“its already hard to remember that (old) me”

“Working with Leanne has created a drastic shift in my life, its already hard to remember that (old) me. I had no energy or drive to participate in life, and now I feel like I am moving forward and “living true to my intentions”, my new life mantra”. B.S Canada

“Life changing”!!

“Thanks to this program and working with Leanne 1-2-1, I feel like I am finally getting to the root cause of my exhaustion and disordered relationship to food. I was always so focused on nutrition and exercise, Leanne has helped me turn my attention inward, to self-care, healthy boundaries and positive relationships. Life changing!!” T.P Canada




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