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Who is The Thriving Woman?

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23.Nov, 2016 Comments Off on Who is The Thriving Woman? Anxiety,Emotional Wellness,Holistic Health,Self Help & Growth,Soul Growth

Who is The Thriving Woman?


Are you truly thriving in your life? 

Be really honest and look at all areas of your life, are you living to the best of your ability?

How happy are you really, in your marriage, with your work, life, and current state of health?

Are you showing up daily to become more of who you want to be in this life?

It doesn’t matter what our situation is, or how bad it gets, we can still choose to rise up in little and big ways to continue to thrive no matter what is going on around us.

It’s the daily and moment to moment choices that determine if we will thrive through challenge, or collapse under the pressure.

In any situation, we can ask ourselves, “what can I do to make this situation better?” even if it’s something we can do to contribute to our health, stress management, and emotional well-being when times are intense. When things are going on around us that we can’t control, we always have the power choose what we will do during those times.

When we avoid admitting that something exists, we can’t change it.

There was a time in my life when it seemed as if nothing was going well in any area.

The whole idea of what it actually meant to thrive felt so out of reach for me.

Living with chronic depression, and anxiety, and eventual stage 3 adrenal fatigue for so many years left me barely functioning most days, never mind thriving!

But slowly, as I have remained determined to heal myself through inner work, and healthy lifestyle practices so that I could become a leader for women who needed my mentorship and guidance, I ow have an experience of what thriving in all areas actually looks like. And the reality becomes more and more part of my experience every day.

Thriving doesn’t depend on perfect conditions. Thriving is a choice no matter what the conditions. It’s an inward decision that we will not sacrifice our health and what is most important to us, no matter what is going on around us.

I am always looking for ways to up-level in all areas of my life, committed to continuing my learning, and identifying what needs to be tweaked, adjusted, and let go of.

I still have some areas I want to improve (and always will since the growth path never ends) but I certainly questioned some days whether I would ever have steady energy, wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, or be able to lift weights again.

The truth is that I started to doubt that I could ever heal the chronic depression, and feelings of low self-worth that seemed as if they were part of my blueprint.

But I can say I have made huge strides in all areas of my life, because of the inner work I have done.

No matter how hard things are, I become more determined to find a way, not an excuse. This is the way of the Thriving Woman. She does. Not. Give. Up. Ever.

Let me clarify the above point.  Giving up isn’t always a negative thing. We have to know what needs to be let go of, and release the things that are no longer working for us. A thriving woman knows that letting go means making space for MORE to come in. But, she never ever gives up on herself.

She may feel like she wants to, but she can’t stay there for long. She keeps moving forward. Even if it’s a crawl at first.

The Thriving Woman movement is for women who truly know what they want, and refuse to settle for less.

She wants MORE in all areas of her life and refuses to settle.

She wants more out of her relationships, physical health, work life, and personal development.

So, who is “The Thriving Woman”?

  • She’s Empowered: The Thriving Woman takes complete ownership of where she is in her life, and total responsibility for getting herself to where she wants to go. No complaining, blaming, or making excuses. Victim mindset is not for the empowered woman. She does the work, and knows that the rewards come through ACTION.
  • She is Self Aware. The thriving woman is totally tuned in, self aware, and tapped into her body. She listens to her body, it’s signals through symptoms, and honors what she feels. She is aware of what is her responsibility in conflicts, and what is not. She is able to work through her emotional triggers and learn more about herself. She pays attention to what is going on within and less attention to what is going on outside of her that she cannot control.
  • She Values her Sacred Self Connection. The Thriving Woman is deeply and intuitively connected. She takes self care time because she knows this is sacred work, and the only way she can truly be her best. She prioritizes here sacred, spiritual connection, and nothing will get in the way of her daily rituals that keep her grounded, centered, self connected, and intuitively ‘turned on’.
  • She’s Emotionally Aware & Conscious. The Thriving Woman is tuned in to her emotional energy, and knows that this is her super power – to feel what she feels with no guilt shame, or judgement. She allows what she feels to pass through her like a flowing river, and can tell others how she feels with love, grace and ease. She is not afraid of her feelings.
  • She knows what she wants in her primary love relationship. And she will voice it and set boundaries. She knows she is a separate person from her mate, and doesn’t confuse intimacy with co-dependence.  The thriving Woman will not settle for mediocrity in her love relationship. If something is not serving her soul growth, or feels ‘off’ in the relationship, she speaks her truth, and will not back down until she’s heard. She is committed to using her relationship as a path to growth and healing, and takes ownership for her side of the dynamics, and conflicts.
  • She values her physical body. The Thriving Woman takes action to course correct when her health is suffering. She takes action early when something feels off balance, and takes daily preventative action to stay well through her daily lifestyle practices, and the Thriving Woman principles. She eats only when she is truly hungry, and focuses on the foods that nourish and sustain her. She is connected to how certain foods make her body feel, and chooses to avoid the foods that make her feel dragged down. She moves her body daily, and knows deeply that her body is her vehicle for living a thriving life, so she honors it fully.
  • She knows her boundaries. To truly be a Thriving Woman, she knows that she can’t say yes to everything, and that she alone is responsible for protecting her finite amount of energy by only doing the things that are aligned with her top values, and priorities in life. She has healthy relationship, and work/life boundaries, and lives by them for the most part. She also refuses to tolerate crap from other people. 🙂
  • She is aware of her stress and anxiety ad takes steps to deal with it in healthy ways. The Thriving Woman knows how stress and anxiety  feels in her body, and how it affects her emotional and cognitive/psychological functioning, as well as her quality of sleep. She knows exactly what she needs to do to dial down the harmful effects of stress and overwhelm, and leaves space in her day for solitude and replenishment.

Take ACTION! Have a read through the Thriving Woman description again, and identify the areas you’d like to improve, and share your thoughts inside the Thrive Women’s Community!

I have developed several tiers of support, from free to VIP level to help, lead, and mentor women to achieve what I have been able to achieve through natural and alternative healthcare, inner growth work, taking many courses, workshops and online training, personal empowerment work, and more. If you want to step more into the Thriving Woman lifestyle, you can check out the  resources below, and the ways to work with me.

  More Resources & Services for women who want to thrive:

  1. The Thrive from Inside Out Facebook Community is a free platform for women to connect and have a community feel.
  2. Subscribe to the Thrive from The Inside Out Podcast 
  3. My Soulwork Facebook Page
  4. Transforming Stress Masterclass 
  5. DIY Home Study Programs 
  6. 1:1 Private Sessions 
  7. The Thriving Woman Sacred Self Discovery 1 Day Intensive Deep Dive 
  8. Sacred Self 30 Day Transformation 

Empower yourself, take action, never give up!

xx Leanne

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