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The Soul Food Diet

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25.Feb, 2017 Comments Off on The Soul Food Diet Eating Well,Soul Growth,Weight Release

The Soul Food Diet

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Eating as a spiritual practice. 

When I first opened my counselling practice doors, freshly graduated from earning my Counselling Psychology education, I knew that the way I would practice guiding others to finding their answers would be different than the typical way most clinical counsellors I had experienced on my journey offered.

I named my business “Soulwork” because, while I was still just dabbling in spiritual work at that time, I was learning and experiencing that above all else,  all that we do to get healthy, slim down, get that job, heal our bodies and minds, have more soulful relationships and feel at peace within, we have to learn to be led from our soul.

I have always been one to seek help when I needed it, and part of my journey has been receiving guidance and healing though a wide array of counselling therapy over the years.

The thing was, I always felt like so much was void in the sessions. No matter who I worked with, it was very one dimensional, and I felt something vital was missing, something I couldn’t put my finger on at the time.

That was until I started working with other mentors that had a strong focus on spiritual growth and connection, and working with energy and intuition as a foundation for healing.

As I have evolved my own spiritual connection, strengthened my intuition and ability to hear spiritual messages, either for myself and for my clients, I have seen so many miraculous shifts in my clients that even I have been blown away by!

Clients that have shared their history of working with other counsellors and mental health practitioners, having similar experiences of feeling like it wasn’t getting them anywhere, were experiencing radical shifts within the first session with me.

I honestly had no real idea in the beginning as to what I was doing that was providing them with such a profound healing experience.

They would come in feeling hopeless, broken and attached to the ‘labels’ they had been given, only to leave feeling lighter, more joyful, hopeful, and inspired.

It wasn’t until I began really bringing the sacred and spiritual into my own life, and bringing more and more of these elements into my work with clients that I started to see that THIS is what we are all truly seeking.

I officially began my journey immersing myself in spiritual teachings and learning about chakras and energy healing when I became certified in Reiki. I took level 1 and eventually level 2 that allowed me to begin practicing healing treatments on others.

While I don’t offer hands on healing treatments anymore, I do bring my connection and knowledge of how to use energy within my sessions, even over Skype while working with my clients.

Each time I bring intuitive, spiritual guidance into my sessions, and share what I am hearing and picking up with each one, a miracle occurs.

A miracle is a shift in perception, and all it takes is a shift in perception to change how you feel!

This was the missing element I had been longing for, it is what we are all longing for whether we know it or not.

A connection to the sacred, the spiritual, a higher power of our own understanding.

When we are stuck in disordered eating, addiction, depression and other forms of suffering, we have lost connection to our source. We have lost connection to our soul. 

Sacred Self Care is one pillar I teach about in my work with clients, and inside my programs.

Bringing the sacred into all that we do to improve our lives is part of holistic vitality.

Having a spiritual connection of our own understanding, and belief will help propel us forward when times are uncertain, when we feel the chaos building, and the inner peace being shaken, returning to this connection restores our belief that we don’t have to have all of the answers all of the time.

A simple prayer or intention can shift us out of those dark moments, to bring us back to contentment and inner peace.

If you are struggling with your body, either with physical health issues or the reflection in the mirror, and have spent a great deal of your life diet- shopping, and praying that the next best selling diet book, or trendy diet plan will save you, and be ‘the answer’ you are not alone.

I can also guess, that while you are doing all of these things, and being ‘good’ following the rules, you are also  secretly loathing your body, and talking trash to yourself when you slip up, (which is inevitable given that following any strict meal plan to lose weight disconnects us from our true inner wisdom of what foods are right for us).

Diets as a path to weight loss are ineffective because the root emotional reasons for gaining weight are often left unaddressed.

If you are constantly seeking the next magic bullet, and putting all of your energy into counting calories, worrying about every bite you eat, fearing fat, and constantly feeling anxious about what to eat, and what not to eat, be sure to check out the End the Dieting Madness masterclass. In this class I cover the deeper signs of an emotional eating disorder, and offer 5 days of emails to help you dig deeper into what may be feeding this addiction to perfection, food, and diets.

Years of this behavior is a contributing factor of Adrenal Fatigue because living this way is so stressful on the body.

The bottom line is that with all of these behaviors, there is a soul level root cause in it all. And there is a sacred side to how we treat our body and how we choose to nourish ourselves, and this goes far beyond what we eat.



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