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The Negative Side to Positive Thinking

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9.Dec, 2016 Comments Off on The Negative Side to Positive Thinking Emotional Wellness,Podcast Show Notes,Self Help & Growth,Soul Growth

The Negative Side to Positive Thinking

Thrive Podcast (4)

Is there a negative side to positive thinking?

In the positive thinking, and positive psychology world, we hear a lot about how our thoughts create our reality, and what you think you become. There is also a lot of power in that, and our mindset (thought patterns) are said to be responsible for 85% of our success in life.

Louise Hay, and Abraham Hicks teachings are very much focused on this aspect, and I have studied both intensively over the years.

But what I found is that when I was feeling ‘negative’ emotion, I would make myself wrong for feeling this way, and would immediately try to think a positive thought. But this wasn’t working. And it didn’t help me to feel any better.

It wasn’t until I began doing more of the emotional -spiritual work that things really started to shift for me.

It’s important to know when doing the mindset work is the right action, and when there is deeper work that needs to be done first.

I see it as slapping a band-aid on a wound, it covers it up on the surface, but underneath is still raw, and hurting.

Mindset work, and positive affirmations are a large part of the overall puzzle of holistic healing, and creating a vital and thriving life, we just need to be mindful of when we are using this to avoid dealing with emotional pain that is present.

In this episode I talk about:

  • When positive thinking can be a negative
  • How bypassing the deeper work with positive thinking isn’t going to create change
  • Why you need to feel your feelings before working with thought patterns

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