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How Your Home Reflects Your Life

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2.Mar, 2017 Comments Off on How Your Home Reflects Your Life Money & Abundance,Parenting,Podcast Show Notes,Self Help & Growth,Soul Growth

How Your Home Reflects Your Life

How you do one thing is how you do everything.

Ponder this statement for a moment, and you will see similarities.

If your home is chaotic, cluttered, and disorganized, how is this reflecting other areas of your life?

If you have every closet and storage area packed with stuff, what else have you stuffed away emotionally or otherwise that you will deal with later?

If you leave things that need to be repaired or replaced, and make do with broken furniture or other items, what does this reflect about how much you value yourself and the space you live in?

Do you believe you deserve to have a home that feels good to live in?

How does each room in your home make you feel emotionally and energetically?

These are some topics we cover in this interview I did with Jill Ethier.

Check out the video below, or listen to in on the Thrive From the Inside Out Podcast. 

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