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What to Do When You Fall off The Path

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26.Jan, 2017 Comments Off on What to Do When You Fall off The Path Soul Growth

What to Do When You Fall off The Path


On the path to personal transformation, spiritual evolution and creating vital health, thriving relationships, and a life we truly want, we encounter times where we fall off the path.

This is an inevitable part of the growth journey, and no one is spared this reality.

Even the biggest gurus out there today fall down, struggle, and have moments where they question themselves, feel like crap, and react in ways that they later regret.

This is all part of it.

I remember earlier in my journey, when I would have a string of days where my mood was great, my energy was high, and my life felt like it was all flowing with ease, I would also have that nagging fear of it not lasting.

Because so much of healing is peaks and valleys, ups and downs, it can be disheartening to have those bad days, dark hours, and periods where things feel like they aren’t moving.

We can have set backs, we can fall down, and we can fall apart.

It’s called being human!

Anyone who says they never feel down, never fall apart, and shows a picture of having it all together, is either lying to themselves, and you, or suppressing how they truly feel.

We all have emotions. We all have dysfunctional family dynamics to some degree or another, we all have times when our health falls off course, we all fight with our spouses, we all have children that misbehave, and we all experience pain and suffering.

But what I believe the marker is for true growth is this:

It’s not about falling off the path that determines whether we are growing and making progress, but how quickly we can get back on the path after we veer off course. 

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In this episode of the Thrive Podcast, I dive into the 3 points to getting back on track when you have fallen off.

  1. Self Awareness and Self Knowledge – tap into your inner being, and ask “What is really going on here”?
  2. Know that you are the creator of your life. It’s not what your eyes see, but how you choose to see the situation. If you fall off your healthy eating goals, can you have self compassion and forgive yourself, and get back on track? If you speak to a loved one in a “lower self” frame of mind, can you see why this happened? Are you tired? Are you not setting boundaries? Are you saying how you feel?
  3. Ask: Where in this situation am I giving my power away? Empowerment comes through ACTION. So as soon as you know you have veered off course, intentionally take ACTION immediately in the direction you want to go.


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