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Physical Manifestations of Stress and Anxiety

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24.Nov, 2016 Comments Off on Physical Manifestations of Stress and Anxiety Adrenal Fatigue,Holistic Health,Soul Growth

Physical Manifestations of Stress and Anxiety



Do you know the signs of anxiety, stress and how they manifest as physical symptoms in your body?

One of my areas of expertise practicing as a holistic counsellor over the past 6 years, has been treating anxiety and stress on a holistic level, and in turn, the physical manifestations of these conditions.

One of the areas I specialize in, and have had personal experience with, is a lesser known stress related condition called Adrenal Fatigue.

Adrenal fatigue is the result of chronic, unrelenting stress over time, from various inner, and outer sources. Learn the types of Stress, the 3 Stages of this condition, as well as the top 5 indicators you are experiencing this imbalance, inside of my free masterclass.

During my 10 year journey to heal stage 3 Adrenal Fatigue, I learned a lot about the many layers and dimensions that need to be looked at in order to truly heal the root of why this imbalance occurs in the first place.

To really get to the root of these issues, we need to treat the ‘whole person’, mentally (thoughts), emotionally (how they are processing, feeling, dealing with their emotions), spiritually (a soul-level connection), physically (dealing with nutrition, movement, imbalances in the body, inflammation), as well as energetically (beliefs, thoughts, and dis-empowering mindsets). Not only this, but also everything that falls under the umbrella of “lifestyle” need to be addressed.

We need to get to a place where we stop looking outside to the medical system to heal our chronic health issues, and get empowered to take our health back, on our terms.

Because of the challenges I experienced in getting the right guidance, and holistic treatment for AF, I had to take responsibility for my healing on, 100%.

I started to learn, read, and research everything I could get my hands on about healing this condition.

When the handfuls of supplements I was taking did little for me, and all of the diet plans I was on only made me feel worse, I knew there was something else going on.

“Something else” is where it can get pretty loaded.

You see, physical dis-ease doesn’t happen overnight. And often there is an emotional root to all of it. When you get to a place with your health that you are forced to stop what you are doing, you begin to reassess everything.

How you spend your days, how you think, your beliefs, your relationships and who you spend your time with, your home environment, and how empowered you feel in your life overall, plays a part in your overall health picture.

For more on empowerment listen to this podcast episode, and learn what empowered health is in this episode.

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With all of that comes the deeper work that is needed that many want to gloss over, or search for a quick fix.

Here’s the thing. If we don’t take action, look at our life as a whole, and choose to ignore what is going on with our physical health, the symptoms are going to get louder, and louder until we are flat on our back with some kind of illness.

When you have a rock in your shoe, you don’t take extra pain medication, you remove the rock. And so it goes with physical health symptoms. We have to remove those rocks that are contributing to your health symptoms!

This is why the work I do is focused on soul-aligned lifestyle changes, as well as the holistic model I outlined above.

It all matters. It is all necessary if we truly want to be free of chronic stress, anxiety, overwhelm and exhaustion.

I am on a mission to help a million women break through burnout, and transform their health and life from the inside out with my Energize Your Life Program. 

When I assess a client, I am listening for signs of this condition, because it is so often overlooked as the root cause of physical illness, feeling unwell, exhaustion, and anxiety along with depression.

When we feel unwell, for a long enough period of time, what do we do? Usually we go visit the doctor. And what they can offer is medications for our apparent depression and anxiety that is commonly believed to be due to a chemical imbalance. Many of my clients at the time of sitting down with me are on a multitude of prescription medications, for issues such as insomnia, depression, and anxiety. All 3 of these are indicators of adrenal imbalance.

Many will take the medication because they are desperate for relief, and because they trust their doctor knows best, but the root issues remain underneath and will show up in different ways over time.

You can chop the weeds in a garden, but unless you remove them at the root, they will keep coming back. The same is true for health symptoms.

In the video below, I outline signs of anxiety and stress overload so that you can become more aware of when this is present, and shift how you are feeling with a body centered approach.

We can’t change anything unless we are aware of it’s existence. So watch to the end for tips on what to do when you are feeling these signs.

Take my Adrenal Health Assessment and the Free 5 Day Energize Your Life Course to find out if you have this condition, and shine a light on what you need to shift to start regaining your health and improving how you feel.

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