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What is Gaslighting?

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17.Jun, 2020 Comments Off on What is Gaslighting? Narcissistic Abuse Help,Soul Growth

What is Gaslighting?

Gaslighting is an attempt to confuse and minimize your feelings and reality, to deflect heat onto you, and evade the consequences and feeling the shame of misdeeds and mistakes. It is a form of emotional abuse and manipulation. It is the most often used tactic of those with narcissistic traits and tendencies.


If you are with a narcissistic partner, you have definitely experienced many scenarios that have left your brain in knots (as I have joked with my End The Cycle members, it feels like a brain cramp).


When you have experienced gaslighting, you walk away confused, or feeling like the problem you brought up was actually all your fault.


An example of a gaslighting interaction is, your partner says or does something upsetting or hurtful, and you attempt to raise the issue with the intention of coming to some sort of understanding or agreement, and the hope of improving the relationship.


Instead of listening and sincerely apologizing, your partner says “you’re so sensitive, or “can’t you take a joke, I wasn’t serious”.


They also go into minimizing your experience, their behavior, deflecting, and doing whatever they can to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. 



If you are experiencing gaslighting, I want you to know, once you are awake and aware of what it is, and what it feels like, you absolutely can hold on to your power and truth, even in the midst of someone trying to manipulate you away from seeing things as they are.


The first step toward creating change is awareness of the problem. 


It is important to understand and know the covert narcissistic abuse tactics that are being used to control you in your relationship, so that you can begin to change your step in the dysfunctional dance you ave been doing.


Nothing changes until you change.


Up until now, you have been unconsciously enabling your partner to behave in these ways, it’s not your fault, but it is your responsibility to do something about it now that you know.


And if you’re ready to look at your part in the relationship dynamic I have something for you!


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We will be going further in to how you can take back your personal power in a narcissistic relationship where you are experiencing covert emotional, psychological and other abuse manipulation tactics.


This is a free 3 part video series I open up a few times every year to help you have massive breakthroughs and awareness you have never had before.


I hope to see you in the boot camp!


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