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Feeling Overwhelmed and Burned Out in Your Business?


The world needs what you have to offer,  it’s time to stop hiding out, staying stuck in overwhelm and take ownership of your business and goals.


Are you a mentor, coach or consultant that is ready to go to the next level in your 1:1 holistic health or transformation business?


Are you done with the overwhelm and feeling like you’re hustling into burnout? (Maybe you already have adrenal fatigue or are on the brink of it).


Do you hate marketing and selling and avoid putting your services out there, for fear of coming across as salesy, sleazy or spammy? (And your client and income flow is inconsistent as a result)


Do you cringe at the picture perfect persona many influencers are showing on their social media feeds, and feel like you just don’t measure up, or even want to join the crowd of vanity marketing?


I get it. As coaches, healers, and therapists, we got into this field to help people, not become online marketers.


But here’s what I want to ask you if you feel this way: if you don’t market and sell your services, you’re not in service. And if you’re not in service, why are you in business?


In order to serve your soul-aligned clients, you have to get in front of them. And the only way to do that is to share what you have, and invite them to join you.


But it doesn’t have to feel like you’re trying to sell a used car, or are shoving your services in people’s faces. It doesn’t have to feel forced or icky. In fact, if it does, you will repel those you are here to serve.


It’s about finding a way to market, communicate and sell your services in a way that most aligns with YOU.


For the past 7 years I’ve been a holistic counsellor and coach, and have gone from selling hourly sessions to redesigning my entire practice, and moving my business online.


I was running a holistic wellness center at the time, and I juggled many roles, and soon realized I didn’t want to be tied down to an office or space that needed my presence. I wanted to work from anywhere, anytime, on my own schedule.


I realized through this experience what I needed to do to be more present for my 2 girls, and dial down the stress in my businesses, was to cut the cord and move my business fully online.


Through making this leap, I went on to create a whole new method of enrolling my dream clients into my holistic Signature Service that focused on helping women overcome burnout and adrenal issues through transforming their marital and relationship challenges, career and business stress, dieting patterns and body image pain.


When I made the decision back in 2016, after working with a coach who taught me what was actually possible by operating my business virtually structuring my serviced in a whole new way, I changed my entire business model, and was able to quickly start enrolling clients in my 1k, and eventually 5k Signature Service for recovery from Adrenal Fatigue, and Body Positive Transformation Program.


In the beginning of my second year, I tripled my income, including having my first ever 10k months. It was beyond anything I’d ever imagined creating.


I had already laid the ground work, and created my course, so they were able to get started on the foundational work as soon as I enrolled them. No time was wasted going over the same thing in sessions, that was all covered in my video training and learning materials.


The biggest key is to have a solid and smooth process to lead your dream clients through so when they raise their hand to work with you, you’ve got the whole back end ready for them to get started. 


While I love working with groups, there is a part of me that thrives on the experience of working 1:1 with my clients, but I don’t thrive when I am booked full.


During the times when I booked back-to-back sessions, I’d find myself feeling drained and exhausted. And only earning a few hundred dollars after a full day felt so discouraging. It became something that just wasn’t worth if for me, and yet I knew I was damn good at what I did.


I was able to teach everything that I know, give my clients everything they needed, while only having to fulfill a few sessions per week at a time.


And the clients I attracted were ready, committed and did the work. So the sessions were highly productive, and spent going deeper into their transformation and getting my personal guidance and coaching.


The simple yet effective model I created gave me (and my clients) the best of everything. Some 1:1 time spent on helping them deepen into what they were learning in my course foundation, but not needing to hold their hands and repeat the same fundamentals over and over again, which meant less 1:1 sessions were required to get them epic results.


While I teach you this model in the fundamentals of my program, what you will implement in your business is dependent on your goals and how you want your business to look and feel.


Working with me 1:1 along with video and audio training, PDF’s, guides and other materials you will study and implement between sessions, provides you with the foundational elements and the personalized support and guidance from me along the way.


Working with me you’ll get the strategy, and foundational training to start or refine your holistic business, create your core signature offer, and the emotional support to help you take the uncomfortable actions necessary to fulfill your goals and mission!


Topics covered depend on your unique business, skills, passions and goals, as well as based on what stage your business is in.


Some of what is covered in our work together:

  • Branding YOU and your mission, aesthetics and creating your branding colors, vibe and theme
  • Content creation and how to plan out your social media content
  • Nailing down your niche clients and audience
  • Organic marketing strategies
  • Building and launching online programs and a Signature 1:1 service that feels authentic to you and offers epic value for your clients
  • Selling as service, sales call etiquette, ethics, and selling with soul (not sleaze) which you will be using to enroll into your high end program (1k and above)
  • Emotional support throughout the process
  • Aligned marketing and how to do it YOUR way without being pushy or annoying, but magnetic to your audience and soul aligned clients


If you’re ready to:

✔ Increase your income without having to work with more 1:1 clients or keep reinventing the wheel with each client

✔ Create a Signature Service that draws in your dream clients who are ready to work with you (and are ready to invest in themselves and do the work)

✔ Work with only a handful of clients per month, fulfilling a certain number of sessions that work well for you each week, that leaves you with plenty of free time to spend exercising, making healthy meals spending time with your family, kids, friends and other things you love

✔ Stop working on an hourly basis and attract clients who will a premium price for your expertise, experience, and knowledge

✔ Offer a deeply transformational experience your clients will rave about, and reap the benefits from, long after you’re done working together (while you’re paid generously for your expertise)

✔ Get step by step guidance on how to set up your Signature Service, how to package up your expertise, sell and enroll your soul-aligned-clients, how to deliver the content, run the program, and create an unforgettable transformation for your clients

✔ Stop getting lost in sea of overwhelm trying to implement all the extra stuff you don’t actually need to run a profitable and sustainable business (and start making money)


But you’re feeling:

Afraid to take the leap into your next level and unsure of the steps to take to get to your goals

Emotionally imbalanced and tired, like you’re on an emotional and energy roller coaster, and how you feel on a particular day determines if you show up in your business or hide away and try to talk yourself out of your dreams. Fluctuating energy levels and mood highs and lows are what keep you from taking consistent actions in your life and business to make the changes you say you want.

Inadequate and wonder if you actually have what it takes to make your vision a reality, and that you don’t measure up compared to what all the other ‘influencers’ with massive and aesthetically designed Instagram accounts are doing

Discouraged because you’ve already tried to put your program out there with little or no response

Unclear and confused about which direction you want to go with your business, and it is keeping you spinning your wheels, or stuck in procrastination

Anxious about getting yourself online and being more visible, and you worry that you will only have one or two people sign up for your program  (so it stops you from taking action to launch your program and service)

Overwhelmed with the complicated launch strategies and millions of marketing avenues that are out there, and want to learn a better way to structure and market your programs so that they work with your personality, strengths, and align with who you are

Spread too thin because you’re raising a family, and tending to everyone elses needs, and there always seems to be a ‘bad time’ to go after what you want, (and an excuse to put off taking the actions)

If you can relate to any of this,

Then you might be a perfect fit for this program…

What you get each month in addition to the Signature Services That Sell foundational training library:

30 days of E-support Monday – Thursday as you implement the program material for questions that come up with extra coaching and support where needed

✔  1 X 45 minute and 1 x 60 minute private 1:1 Business Strategy and Coaching session over Zoom Video calling

I only work with women who are fully committed and ready to uplevel their lives and business from the inside out. While I am teaching you the system and process for how to get your Signature Service out there, there is also some inner reflection work involved when you work with me. How open you are to the process will determine your results.

You have to be willing to get honest with yourself, and willing to work through your fears, limitations, and resistance to being seen and showing up fully for your purpose driven mission. And that is what I am here for, to be your support, accountability and leader as you navigate your next level of growth.

How to enroll: Hit the button below to apply for a complimentary Business Clarity Call.

Apply for a consultation,  and let’s get you owning your magic, reclaiming your power and stepping in to being the leader you’re here to be!

Investment: $997 USD/month 

*Minimum 3 month commitment required*

Email with any questions.