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SessionsempoweredhealthI help frazzled, stressed out and overwhelmed women who are done with feeling unhappy and unhealthy in their lives, to reclaim their personal power, personal energy, and inner balance so that they can feel empowered to make changes in their life, health and key relationships.

 What makes my counselling different and deeply transformational for my clients?

I’ve spent the past 6 years working in my private Holistic Counselling practice,as well as facilitating groups and workshops using my own unique blend of tools and framework that treats the whole person, SOUL included.

I have spent the past 25 years in self-study, and with my formal education in fitness, nutrition,and  counselling psychology, I combine this with my other passions in mindfulness, mindset, and metaphysical teachings, to provide a powerful holistic healing modality that gets to the real issues.

Often what leads one to see a counsellor is not the issue they are seeking help for. I have a gift for cutting through to the truth, so you can be free of what is holding you back- within the first session.

What I have found again, and again is an overwhelming positive response, and dramatic transformation of my clients, in relatively short period of time.

Clients repeatedly tell me they experience a lightness, clarity and immediate shift in their well-being within the first session with me.

No need for months and months of talk therapy. In session, we get right into the root cause for what is manifesting in your life and health, and there is no time wasted.

Empowerment +Emotional resilience training  + Mindset Mastery + Energetic Shifts + Psychology+ Wellness & Nutrition + Spiritual Alignment = EPIC RESULTS!

I am a Level 2 Certified Reiki Practitioner and combine energetic elements into my sessions and treatment to facilitate deep, soul – level healing, and energetic shifts for my clients.

With all of my personal life experience using alternative medicine, and a holistic lifestyle, to heal my own Stage 3 Adrenal Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety and Emotional & disordered eating, as well as my professional experience and education, I have developed a toolbox of effective, holistic methods to helping YOU overcome what is keeping you stuck so that you can shift into a life that you love.

What you think is the issue is often not the issue. 

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I am here to tell you it is possible to overcome these challenges, you are the answer, you are the change that you are seeking. I am here to open the door for you, if you are ready to walk through.



I specialize in the SOULful & holistic treatment of:

Anxiety, Stress & Adrenal Health Transformation:

  • Find freedom through Anxiety, & Stress Transformation with my proven and effective methods for dissolving the root cause of why we suffer with these conditions in the first place
  • Anxiety, Stress & Adrenal Fatigue are connected, so let’s get to the root of the matter to shift things in the right direction
  • Discover why you have hit a wall with your health, why you can’t seem to improve how you feel, and what to do about it (you can also take my Adrenal Assessment by going to here) get to the root of chronic fatigue & debilitating exhaustion, poor immune system function, and feeling unwell
  • Specialized mind-body treatment for Adrenal Fatigue recovery while addressing the root causes of burnout, fatigue and weight gain due to high stress levels

Transforming Depression & Low Mood:

  • Shift and transform the real reasons why you are feeling depressed through my mental – emotional, spiritual – energetic approach to healing this condition
  •  Get my specialized holistic treatment and lifestyle protocol for creating subtle changes in your every day life so you no longer have to live with days of chronic sadness and lack of motivation
  • Adrenal Fatigue could be contributing to feelings of depression, anxiety and exhaustion. Get your free 5 Day Energize Your Life program to find out if you have this condition. 

 Emotional Eating & Freedom from Dieting:

  • Discover why you eat to cope with your feelings and stress, and what to do instead
  • Heal the reason why you feel addicted to food, and why you can’t stop eating once you start
  • Dissolve the emotional -root reasons of why you are unable to lose weight, and let go of diets, magic shakes, counting calories forever!
  • Discover how to find the right way to eat for your particular body, and how this will help you naturally shed unhealthy weight as a side effect
  • Discover how intuitive eating will free you from worrying and obsessing about food, and will provide you with the best possible nutrition for your body
  • Get my holistic lifestyle treatment plan for taking care of your wellness mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally so you don’t need food to cope with your feelings.
  • Learn how to truly love who you are and why your relationship to YOU is paramount to health, happiness, contentment and well-being. You can learn about my Finally Full Mind, Body & Soul Self Love Program if you think and online program to discover how to free yourself form food anxiety, and diet obsession.

We will work together to get to the root of the issues you are experiencing in your life, and you will experience more confidence, clarity and feelings of inner-balance and peace as you go about recreating new ways of being, and setting a strong foundation for your continued growth and health goals.

  • Feeling exhausted, depressed, anxious and unable to overcome it no matter how hard you try? You will know exactly what you need to do to shift out of these low vibration emotions and how to clear them faster when you do experience them
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with your life and can’t put your finger on what needs to change, but know you are so DONE with how you are feeling? I’ve got your back! We’ll make a plan to bring you back to balance and feeling like you’ve got this! You’ll feel as if a thousand pounds has been lifted off your shoulders with renewed energy to make the changes you need to make in order to create what you want
  • Are you comparing your life, health, body with other women, and feel like you fall short again, and again? It’s time to rise up, step into self confidence and courage, and claim YOUR life, so that you have no time or desire to even care what others are doing! You will step into self-love and confidence so that you won’t even need to compare your life to others – cause yours is so awesome!
  • Are you doing all you can to get healthy, and lose those stubborn inches, and nothing seems to work? I can help you shift things in the right direction, no diets or calorie counting required, when the inside is in balance, the outside takes care of itself
  • Have you spent years in and out of depression, and general dissatisfaction in your life, worked with countless other counsellors, and still struggle with the same old health issues and life patterns? My clients have profound results working with me, even if they have been to other therapists in the past with little improvement, because my approach is different. We get to the root emotional- soul level and energetic issues, so that you can be free of what is weighing you down, and holding you back – I guide you to finding the real issue underneath your current health, life and relational struggles.


Soul Therapy Health & Life Consultation | 60 minutes | $350

  • Identify the key areas you want to improve that will create the biggest shift in your life
  • Know the exact next steps you need to take to feel more empowered, and centered
  • Clear the blocks that are keeping you stuck where you are so that you can move toward what you truly desire
  • Health and lifestyle direction to get you feeling more energized, inspired and healthy
  • Intuitive and energetic direction about the root issues you are dealing with at this time
  • Nutrition therapy and weight loss consulting
  • Emotional/stress eating

Soul Aligned Holistic Deep Healing Sessions | 90 minutes | $597 

This longer session is deeply therapeutic because we get to cover a lot of ground. It is especially beneficial during the first session or two when often a lot needs to be worked through. I recommend this in the beginning, with follow up 60 minute sessions as maintenance.

    • Includes a 60 minute deep dive, and 30 minute assessment of whatever you are most struggling with at this time
    • Clearing emotional blocks, dissolving stress and anxiety
    • Additional resources, videos and soul-work
    • Written recommended holistic treatment protocol and lifestyle design sent to your inbox
    • Specific Videos, audios, E books, or other resources to help you reach your personal goals and desires are included


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Why is soul-emotional healing necessary for heath, and stepping into the life

that you truly want to live?

 The deeper inner work, and processing of unaddressed past events we are holding on to is necessary in order to reach our fullest potential. We can fully want to change, but have emotional wounds that must be moved through in order to create real transformation.

Working with me you will:

  •  Experience a powerful inner- shift and find true inner freedom so you can live your life without feelings of limitation – allowing the full range of emotions to be experienced is the first steps
  • Find freedom and a new lightness in your spirit and body through working through any traumas and unhealed events of the past you are ready to release once you process them through, the changes that can occur are life transforming! Like a weight has been lifted you will feel liberated, lighter and more at peace within
  • Overcome and find freedom from emotional imbalance and feeling out of control with your emotions, triggers and behavior. Find calm and grounding in everyday stressful situations and develop emotional resiliency that serves you in all areas of your life and relationships
  • Feel more empowered to make the changes you truly want to make that are soul-aligned and necessary for you to move forward in your life, health, relationships and life

Emotional healing, and resiliency is essential for ongoing success and health, and this deeper inner work is necessary to move past the past, and really begin to write a new story, and create a new reality.


Ready to go for it and breakthrough to a new experience?

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