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Hidden subtle and covert narcissitic emotional abuse will destroy your health and sense of self. It’s time to reclaim your power and disentangle emotionally from your partners toxic behaviour. 


We only hear about abuse when something terrible happens that makes the news, but covert emotional nd narcissistic abuse is rampant, and is silently going on behind many closed doors, with not even close family members or friends being aware of what is happening.


Hidden emotional abuse is mentally and emotionally destructive and hurtful behavior of any kind that is happening behind closed doors, where only the partner receiving the abuse sees this side of the abusive person, and includes passive aggressive behaviour, psychological, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and financial abuse and control.


Do you often feel:


Like your partner NEVER listens to you. You talk and talk yet nothing ever changes?


Invalidated around your feelings and truth?


Like all the problems in the relationship are yours?


Devalued and disrespected?


Confused about the relationship and what are your issues and what are his?


Like he promises change, yet never actually does anything different to change in a big and lasting way?


Have you read all the books about communication and have tried everything to get through to your partner, but he doesn’t seem to ‘get it’?


You’ve tried other counsellors, but it only made the relationship issues worse.


It’s time to work with someone who gets what you’re experiencing that can guide you out of the fog…


“Leanne has helped me identify the abusive behaviors and has coached me on how to disentangle myself from my husband so that I can see what part of this is his and what part is mine. I no longer feel responsible for all of it. Leanne has helped me cut through the fog from being gaslighted for around 13 years. I love that Leanne will offer support no matter if you are staying in the relationship, leaving, or are undecided. The cost of working with Leanne and REGAINING MY LIFE is worth every single penny…in my mind her services are priceless. I am so grateful for her and that she came into my life when she did” A.H


You deserve to be treated with respect.


If you are experiencing:

  • Gaslighting behaviors where you are being told that you’re crazy, ‘too sensitive’, ‘overreacting’, or that you ‘took it wrong’,  when you bring up your partners behaviors to him (which leaves you feeling confused a great deal of the time)


  • The Power Over Dynamic: You feel ‘less than’, inferior, powerless, or as if your feelings, opinions, ideas and contributions doesn’t matter to your partner


  • Blame Shifting: You’re blamed for the problems in the relationship, for mess in the home, or misbehaving children, and your partner has no desire to own his part in any issues, and you find yourself defending yourself when he shifts the blame back on to you


  • Projecting: He projects his feelings on to you (says you are cold and lack empathy when it is him that lacks these traits).


  • The Nice Mean Cycle: Your partner can swing from cutting and cruel, to charming and your dream partner and back again. You can’t tell what is real, and you are continually feeling confused, on edge and anxious because of these quick switching behaviors


  • The Cycle of Abuse: This is the biggest sign you are caught in an abusive cycle. Tension, Blow up, Get Sucked back in, Honey Moon phases.


These are just some of the signs you are in a toxic relationship.


Living with this day in and day out will take a toll on your mental and emotional well being, as well as your physical health.


It’s common for women in this situation to develop adrenal and hormone issues, thyroid dysfunction and digestive issues due to the chronic stress and tension.


If you are in this situation it is imperative that you get the right support.


Support from someone who has the experience and deep understanding of these dynamics is crucial to you getting the support and guidance you need to stay safe.


I help women develop a safety plan, self care strategies, emotional well being practices, and support them where they are at. You will create a plan for change whether within the relationship or to exit out of it if that is what you decide to do.


Gaslighting is one of the most psychologically damaging forms of abuse that will leave you feeling like you are going crazy – but it is not actually you who is the crazy one.


If you are in this situation, I invite you to purchase an intensive with me.


Sessions take place over Zoom, or Facebook Messenger Video, and can be based on the best way for you to discreetly conduct our call.


 This is for women who are in a place to do the work to gain clarity over their relationship situation and discover their emotional freedom either within or out of the relationship. This is a specialized and deep level of support to help you navigate through what you’re experiencing and find your freedom, whatever that looks like for you.


This service is not for women in a physically abusive relationship. While emotional abuse is equally damaging, and no woman should ever stay in a situation where she is being abused, if there is physical abuse, I recommend creating a safety plan and exiting the relationship.

Here’s how this intensive works:

  1. Click the button below to purchase your session
  2. Within 1 business day, you’ll receive an email with next steps, and to choose your intensive day and times as well as your personal log in to access the End the Cycle audio course to complete prior to our session date.
  3. In session, we’ll dive in to your personal relationship situation and challenges. You’ll receive a therapeutic assessment and suggested plan of action, including how to respond to the problematic cycle and patterns going on in your relationship
  4. We will develop a customized strategy for you to implement in your relationship to create more peace, test out whether he is serious about changing, and help you to break free emotionally from the crazymaking dynamics.
  5. We meet for 1.5 hours with a short break in between, where you will do some exercises and integration work. We then meet again that same day to go deeper and create your plan of action.


This intensive also includes my End the Cycle Foundations Self Study Audio Program which you will complete prior to our session. Also included as part of your investment is membership inside the ETC private Facebook community, along with other women in the program who have been where you are so you can have ongoing support. You’ll no longer be doing this alone!


“Before stumbling across awakening women on Instagram, and taking the plunge to do a mini intensive session and join the ETC Facebook group, I was confused, being manipulated, emotional abused, and Gaslighted daily. I didn’t even know what gaslighting was. I was often crying not wanting to proceed with my day, tangled up with my partner. Everyday I learn more empower myself more and feel better. I am in a healthy routine and bettering myself now, I’m learning about energy and I am motivated to protect mine. My focus used to be on my partner and everything he was doing. Now my focus is on me and my kids. I’ve changed the way I react to him and slowly but surely disconnecting myself from the toxicity”. C.C


Investment: $750 (USD)


Speak with you soon.