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Growth vs Victim Mentality in a Narcissistic Relationship

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8.May, 2020 Comments Off on Growth vs Victim Mentality in a Narcissistic Relationship Marriage,Narcissistic Abuse Help

Growth vs Victim Mentality in a Narcissistic Relationship

You cannot transform your life with a victim mentality.


So much of what is out there today on narcissistic abuse is heavily rooted in victim mentality.



There are some who say it is ‘victim blaming’ or ‘victim shaming’ when I share my views on taking a growth and empowered mindset around this topic of narcissistic abuse.



And, that is fine with me, because anyone who chooses to see what I write or share as having negative or blaming undertones, is not going to resonate with any of my work.



Those of you who follow me, join my communities, programs and are fans of my work, crave this new and higher path to awakening.



My programs takes them from confusion and the inner struggle of what to do within the narcissistic relationship, to ascending beyond the cycle where we dive more into self transformation, healing, wholeness, wellness, emotional health and spiritual awakening.



If you’re still reading, I can guess you are not one of those people. You want to grown, evolve, awaken, and use what you’ve experienced to become stronger, more resilient, empowered and resourced from within.


Many of you are still in the narcissistic relationship, and are struggling to find clarity.




You’re questioning if you’ve tried hard enough, you’re feeling guilt for wanting to leave your partner, and you’re doubting your truth.



One thing I know for sure, is that patterns keep showing up until we have received the soul lesson we are meant to learn to evolve and ascend the pattern. 



Whether you leave the relationship or not, you will still have to face you.



You can never run away from yourself. You can avoid the self,  but eventually it all catches up with you in some form or another.



You can choose to see your situation as an opportunity for your greatest evolution and awakening , or choose to stay trapped in victim thinking, and be in the same repetitive patterns until you finally get this.



Your life is a reflection of your inner state. 



Your energy, thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behavior creates your life.



I go much deeper into this in the Pain to Power Workshop.

If you’d like to take it further, sign up for my FREE 1 hour in depth class below, and get ready for a breakthrough!







What do you think? Tell me.


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