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Why I’m Not a Veganism Pusher

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19.Mar, 2018 Comments Off on Why I’m Not a Veganism Pusher Eating Well,Holistic Health

Why I’m Not a Veganism Pusher

I’m not a vegan, keto, paleo, or any type of diet pusher.

I believe we each need to find our way to discovering how our bodies are best fueled.
There is already enough food shaming and confusing messages being pushed out on social media about nutrition and what to eat, I refuse to add to that.
But this doesn’t mean I don’t believe healthy nutrition isn’t essential.
That’s why my Master Your Energy Adrenal Healing (and weight loss as a side effect) program is not based on a strict way of eating, but gently guides you toward an intuitive and living relationship to food and your body.

Diet’s are a band aid approach to an underlying condition. Weight gain is an outward symptom of an inward condition. 

We can all agree that when we eat more whole foods and plants, we feel more energized.
And according to Eat Right for Your Blood Type book, certain blood types need red meat.
It can be so confusing! That’s why experimenting with new foods and shifting into eating intuitively, and in a way that feels easy, self loving and honoring of our vessel that houses our soul.
Back about 9 years ago, I watched a documentary on what actually happens to animals when they are going to become our meals. It made me feel sick.
 I decided that day I was going to go animal free. And, I did it for a few years… to the extreme.
Because, if you know me (or follow me on Instagram) I LOVE animals. We currently have 6 in our house. The animals outnumber the humans.
And, the thought of eating them has never felt right to me.
To be crystal clear:  I am NOT an advocate or pusher of any one way of eating.
I have recently transitioned back to only eating small amounts of chicken and fish as I transition out of eating meat altogether.
Part of what is motivating me to do this now, is that I am doing a liver cleanse (spring is the perfect time to purge and do a cleanse if you are feeling like you need it, and  especially if you are on any hormone therapy (bio identical included), it is a good idea).
Spring cleaning isn’t just for your house clutter!

What do you need to de -clutter emotionally and spiritually? Within your relationships? 

I already am pretty close to dairy free as it is since I am sensitive to it, as I am with eggs, so it’s not a far stretch to go back for me…but it may be for you.
So be gentle, and go slow. No cold turkey necessary (no pun intended).
Back when I was in full blow adrenal fatigue, and Vegan, it wasn’t good for me becasue I was not eating enough and I was taking it to the extreme. (if I was at an event or restaurant, it was hell since I couldn’t eat anything).
If you live this lifestyle, you have to make sure you are eating enough, and getting enough healthy fats and protein with your plants, and getting all of the necessary nutrients.
I am not going to go into why you should go animal free because how we choose to eat is a very personal choice.
There is no food shaming allowed in my tribe. You do you. However you choose to eat, it needs to come from the right place and intention.
But there is one caveat: if you do eat any animal products including diary and eggs, please do your best to eat quality products that are organic and hormone free. And, use meat as a condiment, not as the main event.

More plants = high vibes, and vitality. 

For me, I am choosing to do this for my health, and my own personal reasons.
If this intrigues you, and it comes from a soul place that you decide to do this (not for losing weight purposes) for health and animal love purposes…do your research. Make an informed conscious choice.
And, even if you are just interested in eating more plant based meals, I highly recommend the online weekly  Forks Over Knives Meal Planner!
If you are dairy and egg sensitive this is a life saver!
I am giving it a go, and am so excited because there as so many amazing recipes, flexible meal plans, and even shopping lists based on your meal plan for the week to help you eat more plants.
It’s handy for those of us that get meal planning fatigue (like me)!
So, I am trying it out, and I was so excited about this that I wanted to share it with all of you!
I don’t promote anything unless I feel good about it, and I wanted to send it your way!
Need some help with your transition and learning how to let go of diet mentality?
Book in with me. Let’s have a chat.

What do you think? Tell me.


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