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The Emotional Connection to Health

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30.Aug, 2017 Comments Off on The Emotional Connection to Health Adrenal Fatigue,Emotional Wellness,Holistic Health,Podcast Show Notes

The Emotional Connection to Health

The Body is the Barometer, and will show the symptoms, that are rooted in emotional suppression, through chronic physical ailments if we are not honoring our feelings. They have to go somewhere!

If you have tried everything that you know of to heal your chronic health issues, including adrenal and hormonal issues,  (and it’s not helping) start digging deeper into the soul – emotional level. Your body will speak to you when your feelings are being stuffed down, ignored, and numbed out.

One of the things that I am super passionate about is the area of emotional health.

It used to be something that I understood very little about in regards to how our emotional health impacts our physical health.

And how unprocessed past trauma can do so much damage to not only our mental health, but our physical as well. Which ripples into all dimensions of health. When one area is off balance, so to will be the others.

That was, until I found myself sick and tired (literally) from Adrenal Burnout, and years of depressive episodes along with a long list of health symptoms that wouldn’t heal despite all of my efforts to eat right, exercise, take supplements, detoxify and drink green juice.

This is because there is an emotional component to our physical health, and this is where I have found my super power. This is how I healed my body, and years of chronic depression.

And I guide women to connecting with their emotional superpower so that they can live more connected to their soul, and create a life that is centered around their particular souls purpose.

In this episode of the podcast, I discuss how emotions influence health, and offer tips on how you can start using your emotions to guide you toward your optimal health.

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