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End the Cycle Foundations Course

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Do you feel like you’re going crazy in your relationship and want off of the emotional rollercoaster?


End the Cycle Foundations is a self study program to help you:

  • Define and understand the phases of the narcissistic emotional abuse cycle inside and out,  what you will experience, and how you’ll feel, as well as what your partner is likely doing, saying and how he’s behaving in each phase
  • Define what your needs are within the relationship so you can discern if there is anything healthy left to build from
  • Make your self care a top priority, break co-dependent patterns, and stop giving all of your energy toward fixing him
  • Know how to respond to the tactics and behaviours to keep your power and peace in tact
  • Create a tentative plan for yourself (using my 30 day self- focus protocol where you bring the attention to your healing, wholeness and wellness)
  • Know his process for change, what that should entail, and how to know, without a doubt, if he’s serious about making those changes
  • Create your exit plan and safety strategy, no matter what you decide, this has to be planned and executed on right away.


If you don’t know where to start, and want to feel more clarity about what you’re experiencing, ETC Foundations will help you regain your sense of calm and clarity because you’ll understand what’s your side of the street and what your partner is doing to destroy your inner balance.


*This cost of this course can be applied as a credit toward the total cost of the ETC Group Coaching Program the next time it opens for enrollment, should you wish to continue your journey and get coaching from me. 


This foundations course does not include coaching or e-support, and is 100% self paced, self study. You have access to the material as long as this program exists.


“ETC has helped me to become more empowered and know that I am not alone, crazy, or asking for too much. I learned ways to communicate effectively to not allow myself to self sacrifice all the time and keep boundaries in place. It also helped me connect with other women in similar situations and find ways to break the cycle” T.B


“Leanne’s course works!” P.D