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The 5K Month Formula For Holistic Health Professionals

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26.Apr, 2019 Comments Off on The 5K Month Formula For Holistic Health Professionals Business and Leadership,Entrepreneurship,Work/Purpose

The 5K Month Formula For Holistic Health Professionals


Like most coaches and counsellors, I graduated from my educational program, and swiftly opened up my 1:1 client practice, charging a rate of $80-$100/hour.

As a newbie, it was a little scary to step out into this new world of serving clients in this way, and put a price tag on what I had to offer.

In the beginning, we don’t quite know how to price our services, and we compare them to what others in a similar niche or industry charge, and this is our fist mistake!

Blending in with a sea of others doing similar things is not the way to stand out, be different, and attract our soul-aligned clients. 

After several years using the hours for dollars model, I saw how ineffective this actually was.

While my clients got results, there were still some who were’t fully committed to the process (we commit where we invest our money), and I found that I didn’t have time to fully give them what I wanted to provide in a 60 minute session once per week.

Eventually I was introduced to the world of online business, digital training, packaging my offers and creating online programs. 

This opened up a whole new world for how I started serving my clients.

As soon as I started seeing the rapid transformations taking place with my clients (results that even surprised me at times because they were so fast and the feedback I received was phenomenal) I was blown away at the effectiveness of what had created.

I designed an in depth method of combining my knowledge, expertise, and methodology in an online foundational digital online program, along with personalized support, and packaged it up into a premium service, and it changed everything in terms of how I served my clients.

I’m not here to tell you how easy it is to build a profitable business, or that you can visualize or manifest your way there while sitting on a beach somewhere, without doing the work.

But I can show you how I transitioned into this highly effective model of working with my clients that created healthy income for my business, and extraordinary results for my clients who were experiencing Adrenal Fatigue, hormone issues, and burnout.

Without a huge social media following, Facebook ads, webinars, or fancy complicated marketing strategies.

Enrolling clients into my 2, 3 and 6k programs allowed me to have  25k in revenue in an 8 week period, during the beginning of my second year in my online business That was more than I had made in 2 years selling $80 sessions!

Experiencing results like this opened the door for me to see what is really possible when you have a dream, a vision, a gift, and a strong desire and burning motivation to serve and show up with your mission and purpose, and you’re good at what you do.

This isn’t for the faint, or those who don’t have the tenacity and grit to keep going when it gets tough…because it will. It’s inevitable, and your mind frame is all that will carry you through.

Having support is also fundamental.

Having outside consult and guidance will save you time, and money in the long run.

If you’d like to earn 5k per month from your coaching and holistic transformation business, I invite you to book a Business Clarity Call with me.

I work with holistic health practitioners and coaches to help them create a strategy that is most aligned with their skills, strengths, goals and passions. No cookie cutter plans here!

Let’s see if we’re a fit to create some magic for you in your business, and get you out there serving those who need what you have to offer!


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