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Elevate Your Life Transformational Coaching

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Work with Leanne 1:1 

  Transformation Coaching for Women:

A Mind- Body Reboot and Transformation to Reverse Burnout, Regain Your Vitality, and Love Your Life Again 

My approach is holistic and rooted in transformation coaching and counselling psychology. I have a 7 year track record of guiding my clients to life changing transformations in a short period of time of working together.

Working with me is a deep transformational experience, so you have to be ready to go all in and commit to the process.

If you’re already into growth and personal evolution, we will work well together.

You are the foundation for your life, and your business, and if you are finding yourself stuck in repetitive patterns in your life we will get to the emotional root cause so that you can truly grow and experience what you want in any area of your life. It all starts from within.

If you’re in a place where you’re ready to do whatever it takes to reclaim your life, health and relationship harmony, so that you can grow your business from a place of focus, clarity, flow and EASE, this is what I guide my clients to do.

I work with women who have been diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue, a thyroid condition who are experiencing issues such as exhaustion, anxiety, chronic stress, marital conflicts, feeling stuck in their lives or business, and want to feel at peace in their life and body again.

Some areas we work on in my programs and that I have led my clients to transforming:

✔ Transforming Adrenal Fatigue, Exhaustion, hormone and Thyroid Health through holistic lifestyle change, stress and emotional mastery

✔  Emotional Eating, food restricting, over exercising, and dropping Dieting mentality to Intuitive Nutrition and healthy relationship to both while dropping unwanted wait effortlessly as a result

✔ Marriage and Relationship Coaching to work through any areas of conflict or disconnection

✔ Tapping into your life purpose and passions so you can feel lit up again about your life again

✔ Transforming your limiting thinking, belief patterns and habits that are preventing you from getting to where you want to go


More Client Testimonials, Interviews and Case Studies:

Read more from the countless women who have had massive transformations working with me to change their lives, heal their marriages, reduce their stress and reclaim their energy and passion for their lives again here. 


My 1:1 personal mentoring and coaching fees range from $1,997 to $6,000 USD depending on the length of the program, and level of my personal time that is included in your program. Because I offer a wide body of knowledge, expertise and experience,  the direction the program takes while working with me will be specifically based on your needs and goals you want to achieve. NO cookie cutter plans and programming here!

My base level  8 week Personal Transformation Program is one payment of $1,997 (save 10%) or 3 payments of $732 USD and includes:

✔ 1 x 60 minute initial assessment and coaching session
✔ 3 x 45 minute sessions (about 2 weeks apart)
✔ 8 weeks of email or messenger support for questions during office hours
✔ My Full Mind- Body Hormone Balancing Online Program including self study modules in video, PDF, e-book and audio formats to implement between sessions (1 year access).
* Live coaching calls take place over Zoom (or Instagram/Facebook Video Messenger Calling if you prefer)
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