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[Vlog] Learning How to Love Your Body

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18.May, 2017 Comments Off on [Vlog] Learning How to Love Your Body Eating Well,Emotional Wellness,Weight Release

[Vlog] Learning How to Love Your Body

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Adding more of the good stuff in rather than trying to control the ‘bad’ stuff, is the way to create vitality, heal the body, and release unhealthy weight.

Eventually, as you eat more and more whole, unprocessed foods, reduce your sugar intake, and start becoming more mindful about what you eat, the processed, fake food, and sugary dead foods become less appealing.

If you don’t believe that resetting your body can be as simple as adding more of the goodness in, give it a try.

We all get off track. The scale shows us that we have added on some pounds, maybe we feel more sluggish, tired and have inconsistent energy.

Rather than reaching for another diet, why not start adding more fruits and veggies in?

Swap all the refined oils with coconut, avocado and olive oils?

See how you feel cutting our gluten, or dairy. Use your body as the barometer for what foods to eat, and which ones to avoid.

Get a step counter and increase your goal to reach 10,000 steps. Get outside and move!

With Summer upon us here in Canada, it’s the perfect season to get back in to moving more outside, eating more locally grown organic produce, and getting back in touch with our body after a long winter of hibernation.

I love the idea of eating with the seasons, and love the abundance of fresh food available this time of year.

There is no need to diet to lose weight. Start connecting with yourself in new ways, build your self love muscles, and take a more easeful, soulful, and intuitive approach to nourishing your body, as well as your spirit.

I have a special interview for you that I did with Nathalie Botos, author of, If You are What You Eat, Should I eat a Skinny Girl? for the Thrive Podcast.

*Note: The video has one spot where we had sound issues, and I clap so I can catch the error during the audio edit for the podcast. I wasn’t able to figure out how to edit the raw video, so it comes to you with imperfections. But this is what it’s about, being perfectly imperfect, right? 😉

I hope you enjoy this interview.

And, if you’d rather listen, be sure to download the episode on the podcast. 

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