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Healthy Natural Weight loss: A Holistic approach

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Healthy Natural Weight loss: A Holistic approach

 The weight loss industry often complicates the issue of achieving a healthy body weight, through telling us that we need to exercise more, harder, faster and longer to release stored fat. Nutritionists tell us how many calories we must eat (and that we need to stay in a caloric deficit) in order to shed unwanted inches. Gimmick shakes, and plans that calculate your allotted calories for the day, measured portions of food, point systems, and so many more companies are making a pile of money off of people who are in a desperate state of trying to release weight, and keep it off. I want to open your mind to another way. A new approach.

The truth is, that it’s not really about losing weight.

It is, but it isn’t.

The number on the scale doesn’t tell us how healthy we are internally. How our organs are working, if we have inflammation and poor digestive health. If we have toxin build up from eating crappy food, if our adrenals are shot, or thyroid is sluggish. But excess and unhealthy body fat (predominantly around the middle) is a huge indicator of an internal imbalance, and perhaps even emotional and compulsive eating and mindless munching without any self-awareness around hunger and full signals.

I help women release themselves from emotional and compulsive eating, and uncover the psycho-emotional root cause of their health issues that might lead to unwanted inches. It’s about getting heathy from within, and finding the source of the problem.

Carrying around access body fat in all the wrong places (midsection being the most unhealthy) is dangerous to our health and well-being. It can have an affect on how we feel about ourselves, and how we feel physically. Carrying too much weight can make exercise a challenge, add wear and tear on joints and cause knee and back issues, and the reasons behind the weight gain can also cause low energy levels which make finding the motivation to even get active even more difficult, so it can be a vicious cycle! For these health reasons, it is essential to shed unwanted inches if you want to attain vibrant health, and longevity.

I feel the need to add another simple fact here that you may not be aware of.

If you are getting a healthy balance of exercise (and not too much intensive exercise!) including 20-30 mins of cardiovascular exercise 3-4 times per week and resistance training (body weight exercises, lifting weights, power yoga, Pilates) into your regular routine, over time you will be gaining muscle and losing fat.


Fat weighs less than muscle, so as you slim down and shed body fat, you may not actually see it reflected on the scale. My advice? Ditch the scale, and focus on how your clothes feel, and how you are feeling, and of course, be proud of the changes in your appearance-(but please be kind to yourself, make sure what you are telling yourself about how you look in the mirror is loving and positive!)  Taking regular measurements is a more accurate way to track progress, if you are a person that likes to see results in numbers. But don’t become obsessive about this. Take measurements at certain points, like twice monthly, and resist the urge to measure any more than that.

To be clear, when I say ‘weight gain’, it’s just a nicer way of saying ‘fat gain’.

Let’s face it, we all know we don’t really care about what the numbers on the scale tell us, if we are feeling good, and looking fabulous! It’s the body fat you want to lose, not necessarily just the weight itself, right?

Back to what I was saying before….to remedy a weight problem, most people focus on losing the weight (based on numbers on the scale). But, what it is truly about, is getting healthy from the inside out, so that the unhealthy body fat you may be carrying, is released naturally as a side affect of the body being in balance.

If the weight gain can be looked at as a side affect of an imbalance from within, we can then start to work at changing the habits, behaviors and patterns that lead to the condition in the first place. Quick fix plans, and diet pills do nothing to fix the underlying issues that lead to unhealthy patterns. Research proves that when weight is lost from dieting or the latest fad weight loss plan, the weight often comes back, because the unhealthy patterns that contributed to the weight gain, are still there lying underneath, and old habits return along with the weight that may have been lost. It’s like refinishing a carat an auto body shop to make it look shiny on the outside, but the mechanics are all out of whack, and it still runs poorly. It is on the brink of breaking down, because only the outside has been dealt with.

The solution is building healthy lifestyle habits into your daily life- permanently. What you do every day matters more than what you do once in awhile, or for 10 days or 6 weeks. If it is not something you can realistically carry on with, and is not sustainable over time- it is a waste of time!

I am speaking from personal experience, and this information I will share with you is based on my experience, and extensive research on the subject of food, body and creating health.

Please note: Talk to your doctor before making any changes to your current health regimen.

If you are currently sedentary, and have not exercised for a period of time, or have current health issues, you should check with your doctor before beginning an exercise program, or making changes to your diet.

Eating well for natural weight loss

My tips for a healthy body weight and vibrant health:


No weight loss advice would ever be complete without a focus on nutrition. Notice I say nutrition, not calorie counting, and measuring food. Been there, done that, and there is a better, easier, less stressful way! When you are eating abundant amounts of fresh fruits and veggies, you do not need to count calories. When we are tuned in to our body, and know how to eat intuitively, our body will naturally come back into balance. Eat less dairy products, and only organic cuts of meat if you eat meat, organic eggs, and put more emphasis on eating lots of plant foods. This has been the biggest revelation I have made on my journey to becoming healthy and full of vitality. Smoothies, juicing vegetables, lots of salads, and veggie loaded homemade soups, fruit for snacks are all ways to put the focus on plant foods. Note: If you find you have digestive disturbance or bloating after eating raw foods, or drinking smoothies, you may have low stomach acid. You can take a good digestive enzyme which includes HCL before eating, and see if this helps.
Protein is important too, so make sure you are eating lean sources of protein with your meals and snacks. Eggs, whey protein powder, Greek yogurt, and chicken breast are all healthy sources of lean animal protein. If you are vegetarian, raw nuts/seeds, vegan protein shake powders, nut butters, whole grain (sprouted) breads if you are  not Gluten intolerant, beans, lentils are all good sources of plant protein. Preferably, all animal products and produce should be organic for obvious reasons.
Refined Sugar and white, processed foods are the enemy to any health and weight loss goals.
Pop (that includes diet varieties!), candy, cookies, pastries, white anything (bread,pasta,rice,sugar), packaged and boxed convenience foods are all on the ‘nasties’ list, so eat these foods as little as possible. It is unrealistic to try to avoid these foods at all costs, so just be mindful that they are not the foods our bodies thrive on, so be kind to your body by feeding it foods that keep it healthy and feeling great!


Not too much, not too little. Make time for it most days of the week doing something you enjoy that gets your heart rate up, and strengthens and builds muscle. Lift weights, take a Pilates or Yoga class, dance, or other fitness classes available in your area. Invest in a treadmill and you will have no excuse on rainy days to skip your exercise! This is one of the best investments I have ever made. My favorite cardio workout is interval training or (HIIT). I alternate between sprinting and recovery periods of walking or jogging for 20-25 mins tops, 1-2 times/ week. HIIT is proven to burn more fat/calories than walking or jogging at a steady pace for the same amount of time, and has more cardiovascular benefits. I round it out with a quick strength training session, or some Yoga and a stretch and I’m done in about an hour. Shorter more intense sessions are more effective than longer ones, so no excuses. You can make time for a short workout! *If you are experiencing any health issues such as hormone imbalance, adrenal fatigue or are under a lot of stress, intensive exercise can be very depleting to an already stressed out system. Use caution when working out if you have any of these conditions present.

Avoid Toxins

Toxins both in your environment and in the foods you eat. Eat organic as much as possible. Avoid toxic house hold cleaners, artificial fragrances, scented candles, and body care products. Buy a juicer or good high speed blender and start drinking your veggies as juicing has a detoxifying affect on the body. I recommend the 3 day juicing detox suggested from the “Foodmatters” website. I love all of the ideas behind what they teach. If you are feeling really adventurous, head to the bookstore and buy their new book “Hungry for Change” based on the documentary. It is full of information about this topic, and healthy juicing and food recipes. It is one of my favorite health books right now. If you have not watched the 2 movies “Food Matters” and “Hungry for Change” I highly recommend you do. They are incredible! **Note: if you have adrenal fatigue it is not recommended to do a fasting type of detoxification.

Watch a trailer for the movie here:

Stress management

Managing stress is essential for overall health and weight loss. High cortisol levels (from chronically elevated stress levels) cause fat to accumulate around the middle, and can lead to many other serious health conditions over time. We can not avoid stress, only our perception of it, and how we manage our feelings of overwhelm. Incorporate stillness and relaxation into your day every day, optimally throughout the day to release any tension you are carrying, change your thoughts around stressful circumstances  look for the positive in any situation, focus on Gratitude.
 “There is not such thing as stress,
only people thinking stressful thoughts”  ~Dr. Wayne Dyer

Heal emotionally

Release the past and move into the present.
Carrying around hurt, resentment, and negative feelings from the past is toxic to your health. Forgive those that need forgiving, and release any negative emotions you have toward others, and past experiences. This also leads me to Emotional Eating, and disordered eating patterns, which are emotionally related. These issues must be worked through, or results will be limited.
Most people do not think to connect emotional health to physical health and weight loss, but the Mind/Body connection is undeniable. You are what you think. Your health is related to what you think. The state of your well-being is related to what you think, and how you feel emotionally. So work with a qualified counselor to bring healing to these areas of your life. Unhealed emotions can be at the root for emotional eating patterns, and self medicating with food or alcohol (both of which will limit weight loss results.)
Look for signs you are struggling with Emotional Eating which can also hinder weight-loss efforts.

Hormone Imbalances

When our hormones are out of whack it creates havoc within the whole body.
One hormone out of balance causes all others to become imbalanced as well. For example chronic stress can eventually cause the adrenals to fatigue, and cortisol levels to become depleted. To try and remain balanced the body starts to take from our progesterone stores and leads to low progesterone which can affect multiple systems in the body. One of those areas is inability to lose weight no matter how hard we try to eat right and exercise and deal with all of the above. Using bio-identical natural hormone replacement (not synthetic forms!) can compliment all of the other efforts to bring the body back into balance. The best way to have these hormones tested is through a naturopath who can order saliva testing.
Combining all of these important areas together, will result in a natural, permanent weight loss and will improve your life on so many levels. Weight gain is only a small part of the problem, and is a side affect to a body out of balance. Bring the body into balance, where it wants to be, and the weight will melt away with ease. It doesn’t need to be complicated or stressful! No calorie counting, no extreme diets or intensive workout plans. Just sensible nutrition, exercise and caring for your mental and emotional health!
We must first love ourselves enough to only treat our bodies with the care and appreciation it deserves. The rest will fall into place as we learn this important life lesson, and learn to take care of our Mind, Body & Soul!
I have a 21 Day Adrenal Reset Program coming out in April! You can take this program from the comfort of your own home as it is online based!
Want to go deeper and go for a 1:1 breakthrough session with me to bust through the blocks that are leaving you feeling stuck?


What do you think? Tell me.


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