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Here’s what some of my clients have to say…

“My recovery and healing process began when I walked through the door and first met with Leanne. She instantly made me feel welcome, comfortable and felt accepted and no judgement throughout our first session, even though I had messy hair, ratty clothes and was missing my shoes and socks. She began with a welcoming and calming ice breaker conversation and I began to express what I desperately needed from our sessions. Leanne went over and above her duties to make sure I got what I needed, going the extra mile comes second nature to her. Over the years, people have always recommended options for me, counselors, hospitals and other forms of therapy, all claiming to be the best and that they are different from other people and programs, only to find out they’re really not, I was losing hope. Leanne gave me that hope back, and all the tools and skills I needed to get a grip on life, she is an absolute life coaching superstar, she saved my life, and for that, I could never repay her enough. ” – M.S


“I was depressed and felt like I had lost control of my life. I disliked going to school, my job and many of my relationships were toxic. I had hit rock bottom and I was desperate to make some big changes in my life. I found Leanne online and I had a gut feeling that she was someone who could help me. I can honestly say that Leanne helped me to see how amazing life can be. The first session I had with her she told that there was nothing wrong with me and that I was important. That was something I had never heard much before. Leanne is such a genuine person who really does want to help people. I felt I could tell her anything without any judgement. She would listen to me and every piece of advice she gave I took into great consideration. In just a few weeks I felt the happiest I had felt in years. I learned so much about myself and my confidence began to blossom. I can’t thank Leanne enough for how much she helped me and I don’t think she will ever know how much I appreciate everything she taught me.”- MJ, Kamloops BC


“I started seeing Leanne when I was ready to take the next steps to address some personal grievances and take control of my health; mentally and physically. I felt almost a immediate connection and quickly developed a trusting relationship with Leanne. In working with her, I have been filled with hope about my full recovery from self-harming behaviors and I now have a clear picture of the issues we will deal with together, as well as what full recovery can entail for me. I have seen many therapists and mental health workers on my journey and am happy to say that I find this to be one of the warmest and most productive series of sessions that I have taken part in. I feel in control of my future and that Leanne will be able to guide me through my process of becoming in alignment with my true self. I highly recommend that anyone who is ready to dig deep and lighten their spirit take a chance and meet with Leanne.” H.C


“I am extremely pleased with my sessions with Leanne. I have learned so much about myself. I have learned ways to manage my anxiety and stress and most importantly I am learning a lot about self-care. I am always amazed at what I get out of our sessions, she always knows exactly what questions to ask in order to get to the root of the issue. She is amazing. I honestly think everyone would benefit from sessions with Leanne. I love who I am becoming and the direction my life is taking now that Leanne is helping me. Thank you Leanne. You are wonderful!” S.B


“In October 2013 I had hit my personal rock bottom. I was so disconnected, negative towards myself and thought I was ruining every persons life that I came in contact with. I was in a terrible place. I desperately went onto Google and the amazing Soulwork Holistic Counselling popped up! Just seeing this ad and replying to it made me feel lighter.
The following week I met with Leanne and she was my switch. With one session I  shifted, was feeling brighter and heading in the right direction. With a couple sessions, I was back and on the right path. She is so truly remarkable and her holistic insight is incredibly connected. Everything she said resonated so well and has inspired me to pursue my personal dreams. With Leanne’s help, I was able to bring myself back to my true self.
Thanks Leanne!! Words cannot even describe what you have done for me.
You are truly a special and powerful individual.” T.M.- Kamloops B.C


“Leanne is so insightful, connected, and is all around truly valued. I appreciate the turn around she has helped me fulfill and maintain. She is truly a remarkable person.” – J.S Kamloops


“I started seeing Leanne because I was binge eating and it was completely out of control. Every single day I thought about what I was going to eat in morning, noon and night. I saw a video which stated that the only way to overcome my problem was to seek help. I was referred to Leanne Oaten by a friend and after my very first session I stopped binging. She explained to me how to figure out what triggers were causing me to binge and how to figure out different ways to deal with the everyday stresses in my life. She has been helping me to focus and take care of myself first so that I can enjoy my husband, children, house, pets and work. I am a much happier person today because of Leanne’s help.” L.S- Kamloops


“I feel grateful that I attended this year’s Kamloops Interior Wellness Conference a couple months ago and listened to Leanne’s ‘Stress and Your Health’ presentation. What she spoke about resonated with me, and made me feel, finally someone who can understand my mental and physical struggles I have been suffering with the course of my life. I am glad that I chose to make the positive choice to work with her, she has helped me most with the importance of practicing continual and daily self-care, re-building the lost relationship within myself, putting ME before others and trusting myself with life decisions. More importantly, she has helped me to find out what truly aligns within my heart and soul and trusting the universe to guide my progression in life. If you are striving to find a sense of wholeness, with reduced stress, clarity and peace back in your life, Leanne is a resourceful, and empathetic professional who has helped me this past month in doing so. Thank you Leanne” L.A


“Leanne created a safe environment for me to be myself and openly express the issues I was facing at the time. She gave me tools, skills, and resources that I will forever use along my wellness journey. Leanne is the best source for anyone who is wanting serious change in their thinking patterns, well-being, and self-love/care.  She held me accountable for the personal steps I needed to take in order to create more happiness and fulfillment in my life. Anything from relationships to nutrition – she is the go to source for all.” S.C


“Before working with Leanne I felt worthless, alone and unhappy with myself.I felt I wasn’t a good person because of some of the choices that I had made (when under the influence of alcohol).I have always struggled with insecurity and feelings of never being good enough. I knew that Leanne (from working with her previously in a group setting) could help me with guidance and understanding about why I felt this way. There was something going on at a deeper level that I wasn’t seeing.After working with Leanne I have a new understanding of what I have experienced, where I was coming from, and why I felt and behaved in the ways that I did.She helped me to acknowledge and recognize the issues and guided me though seeing these issues differently and deal with them.I now recognize that what I see and feel are normal, and that I just need to shift my thinking and self love towards myself (positive thinking, recognizing negative feelings/thoughts and turning them into something more that will benefit myself and not others etc.).I would recommend Leanne to help others, because she help me see the world differently, reminding me that we are all special and deserve self healing; sometimes we just need a little help to get there and Leanne is that special person” K.T.


Before working with Leanne I was lacking direction, and feeling completely unfulfilled. I felt like a prisoner in my mundane life: stuck in a thick fog unable to make decisions, and lacking the motivation to get out of bed in the morning.  My relationship was crumbling, parenting was a daily struggle, and the smallest things stressed me out.  I was depressed, tired all the time, and always sick missing work.After working with Leanne, I now have more energy, less pain (physical & emotional), and enjoy getting up in the morning.  My days have many moments of joy, and when I start to feel bogged down I now know how to identify my feelings and work through them.  I’ve learned impeccable self-care, and as a part of that, how to respectfully say no to others so I’m not giving away all my time anymore.  I feel a deeper connection with my partner now that I know about triggers, energy leaks, and boundaries.  I no longer carry the weight of the world on my shoulders and I’ve learned how to keep the dark from creeping in. I finally feel like me again. All this has led to a deeper understanding of my SELF, my needs, and my dreams. Leanne has given me the tools to confidently blaze my own path and own my happiness. Thank you Leanne.” L.T