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17.Jun, 2020 Comments Off on What is Gaslighting?

What is Gaslighting?

Gaslighting is an attempt to confuse and minimize your feelings and reality, to deflect heat onto you, and evade the consequences and feeling the shame of misdeeds and mistakes. It is a form of emotional abuse and manipulation. It is the most often used tactic of those with narcissistic traits…

8.May, 2020 Comments Off on Growth vs Victim Mentality in a Narcissistic Relationship

Growth vs Victim Mentality in a Narcissistic Relationship

You cannot transform your life with a victim mentality.   So much of what is out there today on narcissistic abuse is heavily rooted in victim mentality.     There are some who say it is ‘victim blaming’ or ‘victim shaming’ when I share my views on taking a growth…