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3.Jan, 2013 0

Starting your day off right

Start your day with a nutritious, wholesome breakfast.

This is just as important as beginning your day thinking good thoughts. If you skip breakfast, or eat something on the fly that doesn’t sustain you or provide you with energy, you will set yourself up for a later morning crash.

10.Dec, 2012 0

Healthy Natural Weight loss: A Holistic approach

If the weight gain can be looked at as a side affect of an unhealthy body, or an imbalance from within, we can then start to work at changing the habits, behaviors and patterns that lead to the condition in the first place. Quick fix plans, and diet pills do nothing to fix the underlying issues that lead to unhealthy patterns. Research proves that when weight is lost from dieting or the latest fad weight loss plan, the weight often comes back, because the unhealthy patterns that contributed to the weight gain, are still there, and old habits return along with the weight that may have been lost.

The solution is building healthy lifestyle habits into your daily life- permanently. What you do every day matters more than what you do once in awhile, or for 10 days or 6 weeks. If it is not something you can realistically carry on with, and is not sustainable over time- it is a waste of time!