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Is it Time to Pivot in Your Business?

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29.Mar, 2019 Comments Off on Is it Time to Pivot in Your Business? Business and Leadership,Entrepreneurship,Podcast Show Notes

Is it Time to Pivot in Your Business?

There are times in life and business, that we need to make a pivot.

To blaze a path into unfamiliar, new territory.

But how do you know if you should make the change, or just keep pushing (or hobbling) along?

This is a question only we can answer within ourselves, and the truth is that most times, we know  long before we allow ourselves to fully step into the change we are being called toward.

Sometimes what you are being led to makes no sense logically. 

I’m a counsellor by profession, and have been for almost 7 years, why am I feeling so called and inspired to talk about business and helping women rise up to create their movement?

Well, it all goes hand in hand with my passion and values, personal growth, empowerment of women, and my love for seeing women succeed and step into their magic.

It is easy to go back to what’s familiar when things feel too scary, but there is a price to pay when we don’t act on our hunches, impulses and inspiration.

On the podcast, I share 3 ways to know a when it’s time to pivot, and what was behind this major pivot I made in my business recently to serving women entrepreneurs to create a business without hustling into burnout. You can listen to that episode here. 

In the end, I believe it’s important to listen to our soul calling, and to act on what we feel drawn toward. Most people let fear stop them, and therefore stay in the same circumstances even when they aren’t happy or fulfilled.

And honestly, too much comfort can get kind of boring! If you want to shake things up, consider what might need to change in your business, life or career to create a new start.

If you’re ready for some support with that, I invite you to apply for my program below.


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