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7 Attributes For Success: Transform Your Business By Transforming Yourself

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8.Aug, 2019 Comments Off on 7 Attributes For Success: Transform Your Business By Transforming Yourself Business and Leadership,Entrepreneurship,Holistic Health,Money & Abundance,Self Help & Growth,Work- Life Balance,Work/Purpose

7 Attributes For Success: Transform Your Business By Transforming Yourself

Creating Something From Nothing Will Require Massive Internal Growth From You Every Step of The Way


As entrepreneurs, we are in the business of manifestation and creating something from nothing.

Manifestation is simply bringing thought and energy into physical form, into our reality, and so we must get our inner state into alignment with where we want to go- every single day.


If you have any area of your life that is weighing you down, and keeping you from going all-in with your vision and dream of creating more impact and income, getting things aligned within YOU is essential.


This means you relationships health and wellness, mental-emotional state and energy are aligned, and the actions that you take match with where you are intending to go.


I help female coaches and entrepreneurs to transform the areas of their life that aren’t working so that they can show up more powerfully in their business as coaches and leaders. Find out more information on my Transformation Coaching Program for Entrepreneurs and Coaches.


You can only help someone to the degree that you have gone yourself, this is what makes an impactful mentor, coach and leader.


What will set you apart from the millions of other coaches or entrepreneurs doing similar things, starts from within YOU.


Nobody wants to follow a burned-out leader! It can be felt by your audience when you are not thriving in your own life or when you’re not living in alignment with your message. So rather than relying on more strategies, it might be time to focus on your inner state and other areas of your life.


Here are 7 Attributes of a Successful Entrepreneur


You’re Open and Eager to Learn New Things: You invest in your growth and education daily by reading, listening to podcasts, audiobooks, taking programs, courses, and getting mentorship yourself when necessary, and regularly. You drop “I already know this” from your consciousness, and stay open to the truth that if you did know it, you’d be living it. Just because you’ve heard it, doesn’t mean you know it or are living it. If you don’t yet have it, you don’t yet KNOW it.


You Invest in Yourself, Your Health, Mind, and Business: When things in your personal life need your attention, you deal with them directly, rather than procrastinating and ignoring the symptoms. If you’re feeling more exhausted or are burned out, are feeling anxiety and depression at times rise up, are struggling in your marriage or other relationships, you get the support and help you need to move through it so it doesn’t hold you down. You value yourself and get the support when you need it to get through it and elevate to your next level.


You Eat For Health and Energy: You don’t’ fall into diet fads, but eat for energy and vitality. You eat foods that make you feel your best, and less of the foods that don’t.


You Move Your Body Daily: As entrepenuers, we tend to sit at a computer a lot, so getting in more steps, more standing, less sitting is your daily intention, rather than occasionally heading to the gym when you feel like it. Movement is part of your day, and you do what you love, not what you think you need to do and actually hate! A client of mine was working with a personal trainer, and through our work together she discovered how much she hated and dreaded those sessions, so we created a movement plan for her she actually felt excited about!


“I Can’t Afford it” Is Not Part of Your Consciousness: Those who reach financial success (whatever that is for them) remove thoughts and words of “that’s too expensive” and instead choose words like, I want to be the type of person who can buy this thing if I truly want it”. They ask themselves “how can I create the money for this?” if it’s something they truly desire, and they find a way.


You Feel What You feel But Never Give Up on Your Dream: You allow all emotions and feelings to be what they are, but you don’t sit in lower emotional states, you keep taking action despite how you feel internally. You understand that your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs drive your actions and either limit or expand you to create your vision and dream. If you’re tired or feeling burned out,  you take the day or time you need to rest, replenish and restore, and get back to it when you feel refreshed.


They Have a Clear Vision: Focus and vision are essential for creative entrepreneurs. You know exactly what you want to create, do and have, and you act toward that vision DAILY and consistently. You also ask yourself daily “who is this version of me that has what I want, and what would she do right now to get there”?


I hope this list inspires you to BE the successful person you need to be in order to get to where you want to go. And success happens from within, how we FEEL daily is a barometer for how successful we are, not what is showing externally.


Take on a few of these ideas this week, and watch what happens!

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