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Overachieving Personality Burnout

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Overachieving Personality Burnout

What is Overachieving Personality Burnout?

I came up with this term one day contemplating what the women who have come to me over the years seem to struggle with most underneath other labels of adrenal fatigue, thyroid conditions, and hormone imbalances.

And while the CORE of most health conditions and dis-ease is stress, and stress comes from many factors internally. One of the root causes of the most toxic type of stress that is unrelenting is having an Overachieving Personality.

OPBĀ© is at the root of many health conditions that are primarily triggered by stress, that is caused from a set of characteristics, thought, emotional and behaviour patterns that are created from a very strong internal desire to achieve. It actually stems from fear, and deep feelings of inadequacy and not-enoughness unless we are constantly doing, doing, doing.

These chronic feelings and emotional patterns trigger chronic cortisol release because we are rarely in the rest and digest state when we are driven internally by these unconscious patterns.

Listen in on this episode of the podcast where I’m diving into this concept more, as well as where I share my reason for pivoting into serving women entrepreneurs with OPBĀ© patterns at the root.

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