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Before You Join That Next Group Coaching Program

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7.Aug, 2019 Comments Off on Before You Join That Next Group Coaching Program Business and Leadership,Entrepreneurship,Money & Abundance,Podcast Show Notes,Work- Life Balance,Work/Purpose

Before You Join That Next Group Coaching Program

Should you join a group coaching program to help you grow your business?

I’ve been a student in multiple group coaching programs over the past 3 years since moving my counselling practice online (3 years ago today actually) to help me move my counselling and Transformation Coaching business fully online and virtual to work with women from all over the globe.

And while I’ve learned a whole heck of a lot, and it has led me here to doing exactly that, if I had it to do all over again, there are a few things I would do differently.

As entreprenurs, we are naturally driven to want to take the next shiny program that promises massive results, and it sucks big time to be in these larger programs and not get the results others are getting because they’re at a different stage of personal development and business growth.

Group programs are not for everyone, and they aren’t for every stage of business.

In this episode of the podcast, I’m breaking down:

  • How to know if a group program is right for you
  • Personality types that may not thrive in a large group coaching program setting
  • What I recommend if you’re just starting out with a coaching and service-based business
  • The downside to being in a large group setting with no personalized 1:1 support
  • How to know if having 1:1 mentorship and support is a better fit for you at this stage of your business

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