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Why Emotional Intelligence is Essential for Transformation Leaders

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21.Mar, 2019 Comments Off on Why Emotional Intelligence is Essential for Transformation Leaders Business and Leadership,Self Help & Growth,Work/Purpose

Why Emotional Intelligence is Essential for Transformation Leaders

You can’t lead others when you are an emotional hot mess yourself.

I’ve been in the personal transformation field for nearly 7 years, and in my counselling practice, one thing that was a major focus of the work I did (and still do) with my clients is the emotional work.

When it comes to being a purpose driven leader, coach, or counsellor we must tend to our inner state as part of our daily practice.

Have you even worked with someone like a coach or therapist, and sensed something felt ‘off’ energetically?

Maybe you got minimal results because they weren’t attuned to your needs, because they weren’t even meeting their own needs.

Especially when you’re an empath, you can feel when someone is incongruent or not walking their talk. You can see and sense they aren’t taking care of themselves.

So how are they supposed to lead you when they aren’t leading themselves?

This isn’t about judgement. It’s about discernment.

I have left counsellors offices after one session knowing they weren’t the right person for me.

When someone is no further along, or worse off than you, how can they lead you HIGHER?

Before we even speak, our energy speaks for us.

And you know this to be true from experiences you’ve had with picking up on others energies (especially if you’re an empath, like me)!

I’m not saying our life needs to be perfect to lead and help others, not at all. But the one thing I have always prided myself in is that I do my best to lead by example.

I do all I can to make sure I am walking my talk.

I show up daily for myself mind, body and spirit to be the best version of myself that I can be.

No matter what has gone on in my personal life, this has always been the foundation for everything.

When I worked in an office seeing clients, before I’d even leave my house for the day, I’d get my energy aligned.

And I do the same today, and attribute this work I do on myself as a big reason why my clients get phenomenal results working with me.

And why I can own that I am a phenomenal coach and counsellor.

As someone who has struggled a great deal with depression and anxiety in my life, and eventually burnout (Adrenal Fatigue), I know all too well how much harder it can be to show up fully for our business and mission when we are feeling low or discouraged. When we aren’t getting along with our spouse, we’re having challenges with our children, or when we have a chronic health issue like burnout or Thyroid imbalance.

But here’s the thing. You don’t have to be perfect to lead and inspire others. You can lead and inspire by living and BEing the example for them.

And we can only do that if we’re walking our talk, and living in integrity with our message.

Make your mess your message, and your pain part of your purpose.

Congruency means we are acting and BEing what we are telling and guiding others to do.

If we want others to invest in our services, we need to be investing in ourselves as well if we want to be congruent.

In order to be a fully aligned leader, we must tend to our own health and inner world.

Hire a trained professional to get the emotional support you need.

A business coaching group program is not going to help you when you’re struggling within yourself.

And a counsellor that has no clue what you’re even up to “what’s an online business”? can’t fully see and feel into what you’re up to. Most people don’t have a clue unless they’re doing it themselves, and it’s imperative to have people in your corner that get it, and can support you when those around you don’t.

We become masterful when we can move through our heavy emotional states quickly, without allowing how we feel to hold us down. This is emotional intelligence. 

We can witness the emotion, and shift through it into action, by getting into a higher state of awareness.

If you’re ready to break through into your next level in your life and business, I invite you to apply to book a Clarity Call. I have limited spaces available, and only for the most driven and motivated women who are ready to get past their own BS and create a new reality. These sessions are for new clients only, and are to get a taste of what working with me is like. You can decided to take the next step and continue with me, or take what you get form the session and apply it on your own. Dither way, you will not see things the same way after one session with me. And that’s a promise!


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