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Private Transformation Coaching With Leanne Oaten

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I am currently fully booked and will not be taking on any new private clients at this time


Please note: in order to work with me privately you must have completed a 30 day ETC group coaching intensive prior to booking an initial session

Areas I can help you with 1:1:

  • Relationship support and coaching to help you define what you want in your relationship, and create a plan for how to move forward  
  • Support with navigating the pitfalls and challenges that will arise in your relationship if you are choosing to stay and work things out 
  • Focus on your wholeness and transformation, we work on getting your relationship with YOU right because your relationship with you is the most important thing 
  • Stop all the doing, and cultivate a better relationship with yourself – which will, in turn, improve all other areas of your life and relationship 
  • Get personalized guidance on your specific relationship issues and where you feel stuck  
  • Learn how to create what you want in life through clarity, aligned action, and commitment 
  • Develop coping strategies if you are not ready to (or choose not to) leave the relationship at this time 
  • Regain your energy by turning your energy and focus toward your needs and plugging the energy leaks in your life and relationship 
  • Where to start if you are in a relationship that is not going well, by beginning with YOU

If you’re ready to take accountability for your life and commit to doing what it takes to get what you desire, get started below by getting on the wait list for the next ETC Group Intensive.

“Before working with Leanne I felt that my entire life was spinning out of control. In addition to suffering with hormonal imbalances I was struggling with extreme guilt, anxiety, periods of disordered eating and was emotionally drained. I felt trapped in a cycle that was making me miserable and defeated.”


I had worked with many professionals, many who were top rated specialists in their respective fields, I would make small strides but would quickly fall back into my old ways. Each one of these setbacks left me feeling more hopeless and depressed. I withdrew and isolated myself more and more from my life. Leanne’s ETC program and one-on-one sessions have helped understand where the guilt and anxiety originated in my life. I have been able to process these feelings and let the weight of them go. As a result, many of the other struggles I was having drastically improved. It was very much like a cloud lifted and I could see again.”


Before the ETC program, I felt hopeless and was afraid of what my future would hold. Now I feel empowered and in control of my destiny. Working with Leanne has given me my life back. I am, and will forever be, eternally grateful that I found Leanne.”  

S.G, Canada

“With one session I  shifted, was feeling brighter and heading in the right direction. With a couple of sessions, I was back and on the right path”.

” I had hit my personal rock bottom. I was so disconnected, negative towards myself and thought I was ruining every person’s life that I came in contact with. I was in a terrible place. I desperately went onto Google and the amazing Soulwork Holistic Counselling popped up! Just seeing this ad and replying to it made me feel lighter.
The following week I met with Leanne and she was my switch. With one session I  shifted, was feeling brighter and heading in the right direction. With a couple of sessions, I was back and on the right path. She is so truly remarkable and her holistic insight is incredibly connected. Everything she said resonated so well and has inspired me to pursue my personal dreams. With Leanne’s help, I was able to bring myself back to my true self.
Thanks Leanne!! Words cannot even describe what you have done for me”.

T.M, Canada

B came to me with fear that she was going to lose her marriage if she didn’t change, by the end of the first month together she experienced a drastic shift within herself, which rippled into her marriage and improved the relationship 

“Working with Leanne has created a drastic shift in my life, its already hard to remember that (old) me. I had no energy or drive to participate in life, and now I feel like I am moving forward and “living true to my intentions”, my new life mantra”. B.S 

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