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Food Freedom Mind- Body Love Program

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Are you ready to let go of the struggle with food and your body?

A 4 week mind, body and Soul inside out transformation.

There is so much more to life than clinging and carrying to the heaviness of focusing on what you are eating, how your body looks, how many calories you are eating, and what your butt looks like, and bring the focus to developing a juicy and Divine connection with your body, and intuitive relationship with food.

We will be getting to the root of why all of what you have tired so far to slim down and feel amazing has had little to know result.

You are frustrated, and overwhelmed with all of the information out there, I get it.

Maybe you are trying to reverse some health conditions through using nutrition and cleaning up the way you eat (good for you if this is the case) but sometimes it can be taken too far, and we ca become frustrated, more stressed out and our body is actually not helping because we are in a state of force (fear) instead of flow (love).

This program is unlike any weight loss or health program you have ever tried. It is an inner journey.

To transform health we need to also do the inner work to make the changes of taking better care of yourself, including eating well and exercising, actually stick.

This is NOT another weight loss program. The focus is not on losing weight, but on rising up to your fullest potential and coming back to yourself on all levels, mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

It’s about the weight, but its NOT about the weight.


It is well known information that carrying too much extra body fat (especially around the midsection) is linked to other health issues, and it is healthy to reduce your body fat accumulation when it comes to health and longevity.

You want to feel good in your body, and also feel good about what you see in the mirror.

This is a health program unlike anything you have ever experienced. It’s an inside out health program.

We will get to the real issue so you can say bu-bye to all of the dieting, calorie counting, supplements, expensive shake systems, restricting and feeling deprived, guilty and like you are failing at your health goals.

Announcing ….. A journey inward to finally be free of talking to yourself like crap, and stepping fully into your inner beauty and empowerment to love yourself no matter where you are in your journey now.

This is not about ‘weight loss’ – so if you want a structured diet plan, quick fix, or promise of how many pounds you’ll lose- this program isn’t for you.

This program IS for you if:

• You are sick and tired of the dieting roller coaster and want to feel like a ‘normal’ person around food and feel good in your own skin

•You try to eat well and exercise, but still can’t get to where you want to be with your body no matter how hard you try, and are feeling frustrated that you are working so hard to do all of the right things with limited results

•you find yourself eating when you’re not actually hungry, and feeling uncomfortably full and don’t recall the last time you were actually hungry

• you eat to soothe your stress and want to find another way to manage this without using food as a drug

•you look in the mirror and hate what you see – it’s time to drop that shiz like a hot potato girlfriend!

• you’re tired of the deprivation – binge cycle (pattern of eating only “good” foods which leaves you feeling deprived, so you binge eat to fill that void)

•you’ve tried all those calorie tracking apps, expensive magic shake plans, and point tracking systems and they don’t give you lasting results

•obsessing over food and counting your calories takes up a great deal of your mental energy

• You find yourself staying up late because it’s the only quiet moment you have to yourself- and eat late into the night

•You have a hard time stopping once you start eating certain foods – or you try too hard to eat ‘perfectly’ and it’s exhausting!

•Your digestion is causing you trouble with bloating, indigestion and discomfort

•You’re stressed overwhelmed and on edge – food is your go-to for relief and you want to find another way to soothe your emotions

• You’ve tried alllll of the different diets, meal plans and detox plans and they leave you feeling deprived, and crappy about yourself because you feel like you ‘failed’ because you can’t stick to them or ‘lack willpower’ (hint: it has nothing to do with needing more “willpower” and I am going to show you why)!

 You are ready to be free of these ‘quick fix’ solutions forever!

Sound like you?

Let’s nip this in the bud so you can truly step into creating a life that you love, and learn to enjoy food, and love your body from within!

After 30 days of action taking you will:

  • Have a deeper intuitive connection to your body, and be able to determine which foods are best for your particular body – no more “good” and “bad” foods but awareness of what is good for YOU.
  • Be able to live with more E.A.S.E (you will learn my formula for how to apply this to all areas of your life).
  • Have improved digestion and reduction in digestive disturbances with my gentle digestive protocol to help you heal your gut.
  • Be on a regular sleep routine and eliminate those nighttime snacking episodes – you will get my personal bedtime rituals and tips that help me sleep soundly 7-8 hours (even during times of stress).
  • Know when you are actually hungry, and how to know the difference between eating for hunger and nourishment vs: eating for emotional reasons.
  • Feel a new sense of self love and self connection you may have never felt before – (this will be your guiding force in all that you do in this program and beyond).
  • Know what your trigger foods are and how to set yourself up for success
  • Feel more energized, lighter and a strong sense of inner calm and self confidence
  • Annnnd, if you DO have some inches to release, this will happen effortlessly IF you follow my advice and do the work to release these patterns that are blocking your vitality

I’ve been where you are- and have tried all of the above! None of it worked to make me love myself and my body more, but actually perpetuated more self loathing and feeling like a failure with no willpower.

Nothing worked until I started to do the inside out work necessary to learn to truly love myself where I was at.

The work I will be covering in this program is simple, yet deeply transformational.

You will have some subtle shifts throughout this 30 days with me that will forever change how you see yourself,  food, diets, calories, and your body. TRUE FREEDOM is when you can eat freely, and feel good inside your own skin – no matter what the scale says.

This is where it begins and ends for you as well.

Are you ready?

A 30 day journey with me that will change your life forever!

In these video classes we will cover:

  • Intuitive eating 101. How to eat in tune with what your body needs.
  • Stress eating, and emotional connection to foods
  • Sugar addiction and what to do about it if you can’t live without it
  • Living with more EASE (Empowerment, Awareness, Sacred Self Connection & Emotional Awareness)
  • Tapping in to your soul desires and creating a life plan moving forward
  • Healthy and simple food swaps for your favorite foods
  • A recipe guide with sugar free desserts and energy boosting smoothies
  • BONUS: The Radical Self – Love Course is included to help you boost your daily dose of self love

All of the materials are yours to keep and refer back to again and again.

Investment in YOU:

$197 (video program and private Facebook group only).+ Recipe & Nutrition Guide

Upgrade: $497 Receive a 60 minute 1:1 Skype soul session, and 1// 45 minute follow up with me from the privacy of your own home. 

When you register: A weekly video class will be sent to your inbox along with a PDF assignment and any accompanying audio recordings for that week.
A total of 4 videos over the 30 days with the lesson and action steps for that week. Each video class will be sent to your inbox 7 days apart. 
You will have access to me inside the private Mind & Body Radical Self Love Facebook community, as well as support and connection with other women who are doing this thing right along side of you!
Are you ready to finally be free of the food and body struggle?
Lets do this!