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Exhaustion and Overcoming Your Anxious Mind

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13.Jun, 2017 Comments Off on Exhaustion and Overcoming Your Anxious Mind Adrenal Fatigue,Anxiety

Exhaustion and Overcoming Your Anxious Mind


You could be living with high anxiety levels and not even be aware of it. Anxiety is a mind that is rarely at rest. It can drive us to behave in irrational ways, and make our world very, very small. 

This is something I have struggled with for most of my life, and honestly, it can become so familiar to us to feel this constant hum of vibrating nerves and living on the edge all of the time, that we aren’t even aware that anxiety is what is keeping us stuck, small and sick.

Sometimes the biggest things we want in life, are blocked because of our fear and anxiety.

One thing I often guide my clients with highly reactive anxiety and emotional response through, is to look back to their first memory of a panic attack or highly frightening, traumatic experience.

If we can do this, safely with a skilled practitioner that is trained in emotional processing, we can get some really great awareness around the original trauma and wounding to know what needs to be healed.

As a retired psychotherapist, I am trained to know how to do this safely and effectively, as well as to know the signs of anxiety in my clients. This serves them well as we are working together to heal their burnout, and change the life patterns that are keeping them stuck.

This is where anxiety medications fail, and often we learn to self medicate the anxiety away through drugs, alcohol, food, sugar, smoking, shopping, sex, work, personalgrowthaholic tendencies, and the list really goes on. Addiction is anything that we repeatedly engage in to disconnect, distract and numb the angst and chaos we feel within.

When I think back to my childhood, when I had my first panic attack experience under the age of 10, I can’t recall the exact age I was, but I was little. It was related to a trauma I had experienced, and seeing the perpetrator sent me into a full on panic, fight or flight response.

Of course, at the time I didn’t know that I was having anxiety, but a shit ton of inner work has helped me to see this was where it traces back to for me. Feeling helpless and out of control are my triggers.

That was the first time I can trace back to experiencing the heart pounding fear in my veins, while literally running to safety, and hiding like a bear was coming to attack me. (The fight or flight response).

In my teens, I had many nights of waking up out of a dead sleep, jolt up to sitting in my bed with my heart pounding, sweating, racing mind, feeling like I was going crazy or that something must be really wrong with me. Again, at the time, I didn’t know it was panic attacks I was experiencing.

Anxiety is something I have had to learn to cope with on some level my whole life.  I have come a long way, and while I don’t have panic attacks anymore, I tend toward social and germ avoidance 😀 and have frequent worries about my children and harm coming to them which can bring out my overprotective nature. But I can work with it now, and discern when the concern is real, or irrational, whereas before I had no real awareness around the difference between the two.

Anxiety is like having the worst case scenario constantly running in the back of your mind.

An area that I hadn’t considered when I hit my first wall with complete burnout and adrenal fatigue several years ago, and a resistant case of tired adrenals ongoing at different levels over the years, is that chronic anxiety, worry and fear triggers the stress response, and release of cortisol (stress hormone). This is a huge underlying cause of Adrenal Fatigue.

And the catch- twenty -two is that adrenal fatigue can worsen anxiety symptoms, so both need to be addressed if fatigue and chronic, unexplained health issues are going on.

If you have chronic anxiety and exhaustion, take my free adrenal health assessment and also receive my 5 Day Energize Your Life Video series as my gift to you.


If you have chronic anxiety, it can really limit life, health, relationships and business growth if you are an entrepreneur.

Learning the skills to manage and heal the root cause and triggers for anxiety is essential to overcoming it.

The first step is recognizing that anxiety is having an impact on your life, health, and relationships, and getting the right support and guidance to overcome the limiting thinking and behaviors that an anxious mind tends to create.

I help women overcome chronic anxiety, stress and overwhelm to step into their wholeness, create inner calm, and build a life and business that truly feels good from the inside out.

We have to eventually stop, look at our lives, come back to ourselves and face and heal what we have been running from our whole lives.

The first step is to take the Adrenal Health Assessment to see if this condition is behind some of your chronic ‘mystery’ symptoms and exhaustion your doctor can’t help you with. You can overcome an anxious mind, and find more inner calm, peace and a sense of total connection. Take the first step by clicking the button below.


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