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Stop Allowing Anxiety to Cripple You

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19.Feb, 2018 Comments Off on Stop Allowing Anxiety to Cripple You Anxiety,Holistic Health,Money & Abundance,Self Help & Growth,Stress Reduction

Stop Allowing Anxiety to Cripple You

We all have anxiety. Anxiety is not an illness, and it does not mean you need to medicate your feelings.

There are varying degrees of anxiety, and the treatment is based on the level of suffering one is experiencing. But based on my personal experience with general anxiety, and what I have witnessed in my clients over the past 6 years as a Holistic Counsellor, it requires a holistic approach.

As someone who has spent my life with anxiety that led me to hormonal and adrenal health issues, I had to gt a handle on this in order to heal my body.

Anxiety creates high cortisol. If you have adrenal, hormone issues, insomnia and find you feel revved up and on edge, you must heal the anxiety. And you CAN do it without medications that make you feel worse and give you horrible side effects. (I did, and you can too).


“You must do the thing you think you can not do, and then you will have the power”. Unknown

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