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Why Your Counselling Isn’t Working

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8.Jun, 2017 Comments Off on Why Your Counselling Isn’t Working Adrenal Fatigue,Anxiety,Self Help & Growth

Why Your Counselling Isn’t Working



You’ve been to a long list of counsellors over the years, and you are frustrated that you still can’t seem to move forward and improve how you feel.

You walk out the door from your once weekly hourly session wondering what else you could have done with your time that would have been more valuable,

“Did I even get anything out of that session?” You ask yourself as you leave the building.

Perhaps, you even find that you feel worse after leaving. You spent the whole time focused on the problems, and not enough time on the SOUL-utions.

Coming from someone who went to school (and invested a small fortune)  to become a professional counsellor, you many be wondering why I am shining a light on why counselling doesn’t usually work.

But at this point, I have no desire to stay quiet about what is I believe is broken in the mental health industry.

When I look back on my journey, working with many counsellors over the years, there were a select few that I recall really helped me shift, or move the needle forward in my life and struggles. Very select few.

I have also had some really negative experiences with advice that felt icky, and unprofessional, and that was more damaging than it was healing. And yet another (the very last counsellor I ever went to) where I literally felt like I was taking to a wall.

Not only have I personally had lackluster results from working with counsellors over the years, I hear this same feedback over, and over again from my clients.

Traditional counselling focuses primarily on treating, and diagnosing mental illness, and is very ‘one dimensional’.

Diagnose, create support groups for those who have the same diagnoses, prescribe drugs, get psychoanalyzed, hospitalized, rinse and repeat.

While our psychology has a lot to do with how we feel mentally, and offers some valuable insights, it is only one part of what makes up who we are.

We are spiritual, feeling, energetic beings. To ignore this fact is like disowning the largest part of who we are. Most traditional clinical counselling doesn’t bring this aspect into the equation when working with clients.

The focus is diagnosing a mental illness, and prescribing a medication to suppress or turn off the symptoms. But often the cure is worse than the ailment when we start playing around with chemical combinations without any idea how our body will respond to them.

While there are some places where medication may be necessary, more often than not, they are widely overused and the root issues for the symptoms are never fully dealt with.

This is why I have recently transitioned out of the counselling field, and practice as a holistic transformational coach with online transformation programs that are changing lives all over the world.

While the education I received in my program to become a counsellor and coach was invaluable, and learning how to safely work with clients emotional material, and have clear and healthy boundaries, solid ethics, and the foundation of the counselling profession is what makes me a skilled practitioner in this field, it is not my main focus when working with a clients.

And that is why my approach is so different, and life changing for my clients.

My focus is to assist in the healing, and reclaiming of wholeness and empowerment. To guide women back to themselves, and back to what they have been running away from their entire lives. Safely, with love, and compassion.

If you are working with someone (or are looking to find someone) to guide you, be sure to do your research before making the decision. You can learn more about what to look for in a mentor or therapist in this blog.

You don’t need to be in therapy for the rest of your life because you have been labeled with depression. What you need is to come back to wholeness, and YOUR truth. To heal the suppressed emotional material you have been avoiding and start stepping into your power.

You are not broken. You don’t need fixing. You can let go of the compulsion to constantly improve and work on yourself. Change and healing can happen in an instant.

What each of us needs instead, is to connect with our selves and our souls, our authentic self.

To tell the truth, to say how we really feel, to leave- or refuse to tolerate – situations and behavior from others that is draining our life force. To start going after those dreams we only dare to allow to enter our mind for a brief moment.

When I ask my clients and women I speak to what the most powerful shift they had to make was on their healing and transformation path, and I hear some version of “deciding to put themselves FIRST for the first time ever”.

I can attest that this was 100% true for me as well. As a mother of 3, a wife, and an entrepreneur, I spent my lifetime running away from myself and how I truly felt inside.

Healing and transforming suffering requires deciding that above all else, you are your most important and valuable asset. Your health matters more than any material item (without health, will you really enjoy that new boat, or be able to keep a gigantic home tidy and running)?

When we burn out, no amount of material possessions are going to fill us up.

Material things can only be fully enjoyed if we are receiving joy from internal sources first.

I invite you to take a leap of faith, to ask for help, get support and invest in YOU. What opens up when we take a courageous step toward reclaiming our health and wholeness is life changing. Magic happens, and everything can look different in an instant.

You can’t find transformation in a pill bottle.

I have overcome deep and chronic depression, debilitating anxiety, disordered eating, and complete adrenal burnout using the soulful holistic methods I use with my clients that provide rapid shifts. Clients often report feeling better about their lives within the first session. Many even feel a shift in their energy, and report waking up the next morning after our first session feeling more rested and energized than they have in years.

My intention is that you will feel better by the end of our first breakthrough session in a way that you have never experience working with anyone else. Powerful coaching, intuitive guidance, energy shifting, empowerment mentorship, nutritional therapy, psychology, emotional healing, mindset shifting. You get access to it all working with me.

If you’re ready to truly transform your life, health and relationships from the inside out, let’s have a deep dive breakthrough session together. I promise, you will not regret it.





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