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The Adrenal Fatigue Kick starter Mini-Course with Leanne Oaten

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Learn 5 Secret Keys To Self Healing from Adrenal Fatigue 

During this mini-course you will discover and uncover your core Adrenal Fatigue root cause triggers and know exactly where you need to put your focus toward recovering, once and for all! You will implement small steps and challenges that will help you shift from the inside out.

Every woman is different, and knowing where to put your focus is essential for getting results.

This is the place to begin if you have been diagnosed with Adrenal Dis-ease, are working with a Functional Medicine doctor and aren’t getting well.

The Transfomation: 

  • Video 1: Say Good Bye to Morning Fatigue:  Learn how to start your morning so that you can maximize your energy through the day. You will also take my Adrenal Health Assessment to see where you are at with your current state of health. The first step to making any change is having awareness of the exact problems so you can move into action to change it. I also include a recipe for my favorite coffee alternative that will blow your mind it’s so delicious!


  • Video 2: End Information and Advice Overwhelm: with allll of the information (and conflicting information) out there about healing Adrenal issues, many of my clients are completely overwhelmed and overloaded, and don’t know what is right for them. And, they have already tried a long list of things and are feeling discouraged with lack of results. You will have a newfound sense of hope and inspiration at the end of this lesson. PLUS get a FREE PDF printable worksheet to learn a practice I give my my clients to use when they feel overwhelmed, and learn exactly HOW to shift out of overwhelm and feeling stressed.


  • Video 3: Master Your Digestion: Learn some simple tips for improving your digestive health right away, and resolve uncomfortable bloating. PLUS get a free Meal Planner PDF printable to map out your healthy meals each week to take the stress out of making healing meals.


  • Video 4: Master Your Body Image – Ditch Dieting and extreme exercise: Discover how the fad and trendy diet and exercise programs out there can contribute to, and block healing of, adrenal fatigue.  If you find yourself stressed over what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat (and also feeding your feelings from all the stress), this will give you some clarity about why this isn’t working for you. If you feel like the list of what you are ‘allowed’ to eat is getting smaller and smaller, you need to hear this!


  • Video 5: Master Your Stress: Learn why you might not be seeing results with what you have already tried, and the biggest missing link toward recovery and overcoming illness. Learn the ONE type of stress that is most harmful to you health, and that is most definitely keeping you in Adrenal Fatigue.

In this POWERFUL 5 part Video series and Companion “Look Deeper” Audio Series I will be showing you exactly where I had to shift my focus  to reverse severe, ongoing, up and down (for 10 years) Stage 3 Adrenal Fatigue.

You will learn how to see your adrenal fatigue symptoms from a whole new light, and take new actions to get you results fast!

If you have tried all the supplements, diets, detoxes and doctors, and you are simply fed up and frustrated with the lack of results..I’ve got you!

Let’s get you moving in the direction toward recovery and armed with what you need to know for your journey..

Don’t worry, what I teach you in this program does not interfere with the natural protocols you might already be on, but will greatly enhance it!

“I completed the Adrenal Kickstart program and oh my gee it was very powerful for me. It resulted in a number of ah ha, lightbulb moments and left me eager to get started on my next level of growth….It felt so so good to finally approach my Adrenal Fatigue from an emotional perspective”. V.D Australia 

Think of this as your intro to deeper mind-body inquiry of your adrenal dysfunction symptoms. Are you ready to transform your chronic adrenal issues from the inside out?