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Warning Signs You’re Heading Toward Burnout

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15.Jun, 2017 Comments Off on Warning Signs You’re Heading Toward Burnout Adrenal Fatigue,Hormonal Balance,Stress Reduction

Warning Signs You’re Heading Toward Burnout


I feel called to share this, and hope that it shakes you awake and leads you to take action.

I can’t tell you how many women reach out to me that are experiencing severe health issues, digestion nightmares, hormone havoc, and total exhaustion, while they are trying everything under the sun to heal naturally.

One woman shared how she can barely get off the couch to feed her kids, and is so exhausted she doesn’t feed herself most of the time. She spent most of the hour on our call listing and sharing alllll of the practitioners she has worked with, the psychologists and counsellors she has worked with, and all the supplements she was taking. And she was only getting sicker, and sicker.

I am all for the natural route, and healing the root cause, and believe when the emotional body is in balance, the physical body will eventually follow.

There are exceptions to this, but I believe for the most part, physical issues that persist despite efforts to eat well, exercise, take supplements etc. have at least in part, an emotional /stress root cause.

Emotional stress creates chaos in the body, and keeps our stress response in ON mode, while we are living in fight-or – flight internally all day long.

The truth is, that when our physical and emotional health is suffering, we can’t truly thrive in any area.

We can’t build a thriving business, serve our clients in a powerful way, relationships become strained, we can’t show up for our loved ones in the best way, and going after our dreams feels like, well, a pipe dream, as we continue to operate in survival mode.

Needing multiple cups of coffee, skipping meals, drinking several glasses of wine every night, eating tons of sugar, cramming your calendar with non-stop commitments with zero time to just breath, this is a recipe for burnout and dis-ease.

If this sounds like you, I’d love to have a heart to heart soul-chat with you. The first call is complimentary.

Big Love,

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