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Stop Blaming Self Sabotage for Why Aren’t Where You Want to Be

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Stop Blaming Self Sabotage for Why Aren’t Where You Want to Be

The reason you aren’t where you want to be is because you’re not taking ACTIONS that are ALIGNED with what you say you want.

This is what self sabotage is.

Why do we do this? There’s a plethora of reasons like: not feeling deserving, fear, doubt, laziness, believing our thoughts and feelings and allowing them to control what we do/don’t do, lack of support, being surrounded by the wrong people, and inconsistent daily inner success habits to name a few.

In module 4 of my program, Aligned and Energized we dive in to self sabotage and how to learn how to take charge of your mind and emotional state so it doesn’t have to control what you do, or don’t do.

I hear this from so many women “I’m self sabotaging my weight loss” “I know I’m good at what I do, but I am afraid to put myself out there”, “why do I procrastinate”?

These are all self sabotaging patterns!

When it comes to any area of health, including weight loss, relationships or business – we must change our relationship to self sabotage.

Rather than taking a disempowered stance, believing that it’s something elusive that you don’t have any control over, we’re going to get right in to EXACTLY how to shift it and see it completely differently, so that you’re no longer ‘blocking’ your success.

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ღ Lҽαɳɳҽ Oαƚҽɳ
Holistic Business and Life Transformation Coach for Driven Women Who want to Uplevel their Life, Health and Relationships

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