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Orthorexia: An Addiction to Dieting, and Healthy Eating

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2.Oct, 2017 Comments Off on Orthorexia: An Addiction to Dieting, and Healthy Eating Adrenal Fatigue,Eating Well,Emotional Wellness,Fitness,Podcast Show Notes,Weight Release

Orthorexia: An Addiction to Dieting, and Healthy Eating

Your body isn’t your masterpiece, your life is. – Glennon Doyle

I came across this quote on Instagram this week, and it really resonated with me, and encompasses the shift I had to make in healing my own issues with food and body struggles. And the shift my clients end up making as they heal their bodies, minds, and spirits, and start transforming their lives from the inside out.

I made the decision to shift toward putting the same time, energy and focus I was using to force myself to eat a certain way, to obsess about diets, calories in (and calories burned), to look a certain way, to exercise a certain way…into my inner world.

Facing the tough stuff, and doing the healing work, learning how to set boundaries, how to start valuing myself more (no matter what my body looked like) and to start focusing on the real marker of success, how great I feel, and how good my life feels to me.

Also, learning how to deal with the inevitable painful times that life will bring us, without a doubt, without using food, dieting and restriction as a distraction, and a false sense of having control, when other areas felt out of my control.

The definition of addiction is a dependence on a particular thing, substance or habit.

We can become addicted to anything. 

Reading, shopping, exercise, drugs, alcohol, coffee, sex, Facebook (and our phones), drama, chaos, suffering, conflict, depression and sickness, and it goes on and on.

There are physical addictions, as in the above examples, and there are behavioral and “process addictions” which encompasses what I cover here in this 2 Part series about Orthorexia Awareness.

In this episode I cover 5 warning signs you may have an addiction to healthful eating, and how this is affecting more than your mental and emotional well being.

Part 1:  

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