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5 Warning Signs of Adrenal Dysfunction

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24.Jul, 2018 Comments Off on 5 Warning Signs of Adrenal Dysfunction Adrenal Fatigue,Anxiety,Emotional Wellness,Stress Reduction

5 Warning Signs of Adrenal Dysfunction

6 Warning Signs of Adrenal Dysfunction and Burnout

Maybe this has been something you have been experiencing for awhile now.

You don’t feel yourself. You wake up tired and try to fall asleep at night but find you are too wired to actually fall asleep.

Your energy dips into low, and even lower levels throughout the day, leading to an afternoon crash (around 3 PM).

You’re mood is all over the map, and your PMS is something you dread every month.

You wonder if you are depressed, but deep down you know it’s something more. You don’t want a band-aid approach. But you also want to feel better NOW!

Perhaps you have been back and forth to the naturopath and your family doctor to try and resolve these symptoms, but nothing so far is creating lasting results. You are feeling frustrated and angry that nothing is working.

Wherever you are on your health journey, you need to be aware of these warning signs that your body is definitely screaming at you, and that your adrenals need some love.

Press play, (grab a pen and paper first to take notes) and enjoy!

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