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3 Signs of Emotional Manipulation in Relationships

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2.Nov, 2017 Comments Off on 3 Signs of Emotional Manipulation in Relationships Adrenal Fatigue,Emotional Wellness,Marriage

3 Signs of Emotional Manipulation in Relationships

The Toxic Stress of Emotional Manipulation

One of the things that almost always comes forward with the work I do with my women as they awaken and heal from adrenal fatigue, is that they begin to become more aware of certain relationship dynamics that are creating stress in their lives.

It’s in the process of this work that I begin coaching them on how to navigate and change the dynamic of the relationships that have a negative impact on their health and mental-emotional well-being.

They come to me for Adrenal Fatigue treatment, but end up reassessing their marriages, getting empowered, setting wicked boundaries, and gathering the tools and support to make the changes necessary in their relationships in order to heal.

A body under constant stress cannot heal and come back into balance, and the sometimes chaotic dynamics in our key relationships can have a huge impact on the body’s ability to bounce back, and is a contributing factor to stress related illness such as Adrenal Fatigue.

In this video I cover the 3 D’s of Emotional Manipulation and how to spot this in your relationships. This is a dynamic that can happen in marriage, the workplace and in friendship as well as with other family members, so it is good to be armed with awareness.

These kinds of relationships can feel anywhere from unsupportive, ‘off’ or just feel like they aren’t nourishing on a deep level to completely draining and leave you feeling confused, upset and knocked ‘off center’ long after the upsetting interaction has passed.

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