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I’m a retired counsellor turned Transformation Coach for women who want to overcome the toxic patterns in their lives and relationship so that they can truly thrive in all areas.

I help women overcome the emotionally abusive and toxic cycle they’re experiencing in their relationship through my free Awakening Women Community, podcast and End the Cycle program. I have 8 years of experience working with women in a private counselling setting, and more recently, in my group programs.

If you’re experiencing hidden emotional relationship abuse, or covert narcissistic abuse, and want to grow and become empowered to change your reality, I invite you to take the step today and join our community.


“Working with Leanne has helped me to become more empowered and know that I am not alone, crazy, or asking for too much. I learned ways to communicate effectively to not allow myself to self sacrifice all the time and keep boundaries in place. It also helped me connect with other women in similar situations and find ways to break the cycle”
ETC Coaching Program Student

“End The Cycle © lifted the veil on what is going on in my marriage. I have been unhappy almost my whole marriage and I felt so much guilt and shame that I was unhappy. Seeing behind the scenes and understanding covert abuse dramatically elevated the feeling that I was a “bad wife” for not liking my husband. ETC radically opened my eyes to MY POWER. I am SO much stronger than I thought. I am SO much more divinely powerful than I EVER thought. I have radically shifted my view from victim to empowered and now see that I am not alone!! For years the dark fog of abuse had me confused and believing the illusion that I was the only one living this way. I thought I was broken, I believed my marriage was bad because I was too sensitive. I am WORTHY of healthy love and connection.”
ETC Coaching Program Student

“Before I found Leanne, I had spent a year reading and watching everything I could get my hands on about narcissistic abuse. I went from simply being educated about it to being supported and coached in such a caring and understanding way that gave me the strength and validation to leave. If I wanted to stay, she would have certainly helped me with that too. That’s what is different with Leanne. She supports you with whatever you decide to do.”
ETC Coaching Program Student

The path to self healing from hidden emotional abuse is putting the focus back on you.

My wish for all women is that they can have everything their heart and soul desires to have without having to sacrifice what truly matters to them. We can each have our own version of success in life, health, business, and family in a way that works for us as individuals.

My mission is to inspire and activate empowerment within women through my podcast, blog, social media channels, programs and client work, so collectively we can rise above unhealthy relationships and self destructive patterns in our lives. and truly thrive in all areas. 

You can create everything you dream of, but it starts with coming back home to you.

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