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5 Signs You Are Experiencing a Personal Growth Spurt

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30.May, 2016 Comments Off on 5 Signs You Are Experiencing a Personal Growth Spurt Soul Growth

5 Signs You Are Experiencing a Personal Growth Spurt


If you are reading this, and follow my work chances are pretty good that you are into personal growth and development.

Sometimes, on this path it can be really frustrating to experience the ebb and flow of things feeling like they are going in a good direction, then to start seeing more work we need to do, new or old issues resurfacing, and frustration mounting that we are ‘here again’ feeling stuck, stagnated and discouraged.

Here’s the thing.

When it comes to growth, learning and spiritual development, we are never done, and we never ‘arrive’ at some imaginary completion line.

The path is ongoing, and there is going to be ups and downs, joy and sadness, elation and depression, loss and gain, health and illness, flow and stagnation.

The key here, is having the tools to know what to do in those times when we are feeling stuck, or that dreaded feeling of “I have been here before, I thought I was passed this!”.

We need to find a way to be content, and hold our center, even when things are not going well around us. 

Books, and self-learning are essential parts to this path of evolution, attaining good health, and developing a healthy mindset.

But what is even more powerful, and gets us the results we truly want to experience, is investing in mentors who have been where we want to go, and that can keep us going when we want to quit or give up.

When you use up all of your internal resources, have read every book about subject, and still aren’t experiencing any profound change, and keep hitting your head against the same old wall, it is time to be proactive, and invest in yourself with a mentor, coach or therapist that can get you moving forward.

That all being said, I want to give you 5 BIG signs that you are experiencing a personal growth spurt. This is a list of some common effects many of my clients experience through the process of working with me, and I myself experience regularity as signs of evolution, healing and growth.

  1. You start to see things in the people you surround yourself with (friends, family, coworkers) that don’t feel good. Things that you used to tolerate, or not even notice before the fog lifted and the light bulb turned on.
  1. You rarely if ever sink into that place of deep despair and depression, and anxiety is something that doesn’t affect your life anymore in a big way.
  1. You find yourself alone because those that you used to spend time with, are no longer in alignment with where you are, and therefore spending time with them can be draining,  suffocating, and boring and leaves you feeling unfulfilled after having spent time with them.
  1. You feel less triggered by what others say and do. You are more focused on your own life, and how you want to feel to eve give energy to negativity
  1. You start to stay away from drama, gossip and people who like to complain, you want to feel good, and look for solutions, not focus on the problems!

Can you relate to any of these signs that you are growing?

Perhaps you are not experiencing a growth spurt in this moment.

Maybe you are feeling stuck, and unsure of what you need to do to change things up. That’s OK!

Often it is our darkest moments and times of struggle that precede our growth spurts, and evolution toward awakening to life.

Don’t settle for mediocrity, we only have this one life to live. It’s so easy to just passively settle for what is, but this is not truly living. But I promise you, it is so worth it to do the work to heal ourselves, and show up fully for ourselves. To commit deeply to our own health, growth, and spiritual connection.

It is from the space of our commitment to ourselves, that we can spread this love to others from a place of fullness and authenticity.

Life is too short to spend it feeling like you are just surviving.

You deserve a life that feels good to you!

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