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Ending the Food Fight – Reclaiming Wholeness as a Path to Health and Weight Loss

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19.May, 2017 Comments Off on Ending the Food Fight – Reclaiming Wholeness as a Path to Health and Weight Loss Emotional Wellness,Holistic Health,Soul Growth,Weight Release

Ending the Food Fight – Reclaiming Wholeness as a Path to Health and Weight Loss


Ending the battle with food requires ending the battle with ourselves first. 

Q: You talk about the negative side to dieting, but are all ‘diets’ bad”?

A: Each person must know their body on such a deep level and know what way of nourishing themselves works for them.

One thing isn’t the answer for all.

When it comes to dieting for weight loss, I’m a big advocate of intuitive eating and focusing on Whole, organic foods. (I go more in depth inside the Food, Mind, Body Freedom program).

Counting calories and removing full food groups has to make sense, and have a clear intention and purpose.

WHY are you doing what you’re doing? And, how’s it working for you?

When it comes Adrenal Fatigue, there are some things that aren’t recommended when in acute stages of 2 & 3.

So, I’m not saying diets are all ‘bad’.

A diet with the only purpose being to lose weight is going to have a very different energy behind it than one that is intended to love your body back to vitality.

Whatever the ‘diet’ ask yourself, is it working for you? Do you FEEL alive, happy, and healthy?

If it’s working for you, you feel happy, healthy, vital, and alive with whatever it is you’re doing, then that’s the perfect diet for you!

But what I hear from many women is that restricting and having a very limited diet ;eaves them miserable, feeling awful, frustrated, hungry, cranky,  and in the end, they end up gaining weight rather than losing it.

When we do all that we can to remain in the highest vibration possible, and choose to align out actions with what we truly want, it feels more effortless.

Personal development, emotional healing, nutrition, soul nourishment, emotional fluidity, mindset, how you feel in our marriage and with those closest to you, it all matters.

Desire and actions need to align before we can have the result.

This is why working with someone who understands all the different layers and dynamics of healing and living powerfully with passion and joy that  can guide you to finding your own blueprint for vitality, is so critical.

Don’t walk the path alone. What got you here, won’t get you there.

I dive more into this topic in this episode of the Thrive from the Inside Out podcast.

Getting to where you want to be with your health, body, career, life purpose and in your relationships is one step away. Apply for your power hour today, and let’s get started.

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