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30 Days to Rise Program

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30 Days to Rise Program

Uplevel Your Life from the Inside Out 

We’re going deep and you’ll come out the other side a renewed and more energized version of YOU!

Are you feeling a little stuck in your life?

Are you feeling unhappy and in a rut in your marriage?

Craving more energy to do the things you want to do?

I this 30 Day Immersion I’ll be taking you through a deep holistic transformation journey that will shift every corner of your life and change the patterns that are keeping you stuck.

Whether you want more energy, more connected relationships, or more money, success in some area of your life / career/ business the changes have to start within YOU.

This Immersion is for career driven or entrepreneurial women who tend to overwork, underplay and skimp on their self care, and emotional well being. 

Success in any area of your life requires a strong foundation of emotional intelligence, Mind Mastery, Physical Energy, and Healthy Boundaries.

Whether you want to shift your health, have more energy, or show up more in your power in all areas of your life, this program will change who you are BEing in the world, and everything will start to change around you  as a result.

You want to make more money? Work on managing your mind.

You want to improve your Marriage? Work on YOU first.

You want to improve your health? Work on Your inner patterns that are keeping you in the same state.

This course is the result of working with women for 7 years in my counselling and coaching practice, and is designed to help you shift any areas of your life you’re currently feeling stuck in.

Using psychology, emotional energy shifting, behavior changes and identity work, and creating new healthy boundaries in your life, you;ll start to feel differently, and as a result, take different ACTION which is how we create change!

You can revisit the sessions again and again when you need a refresh (rewiring our subconscious happens through repetition of information) and you have lifetime access to the program content, including updates.

During this 4 week program, you will receive a brand new training each week to radically change the 4 main quadrants of your life.

Here’s the Transformation You Can Expect:

✔ Session 1: Uplevel Your Psychology/Mindset Identify and Reprogram the core thoughts, beliefs and emotions that are keeping you stuck in the same old patterns in your life, business/career health and relationships. This is a practice you will take with you and master for the rest of your life, and can be applied to any areas of your life you are feeling stuck. I’ll provide the tools and an array of methods you can try out that work best for you.

✔ Session 2: Master Your Emotional Intelligence and do the Soulwork: Constant emotional freak outs mess up your hormones ladies! Master your emotions and handle what comes your way from a place of empowerment. Learning how to respond rather than react to your environment is one key to emotional mastery.  When we use our emotions to direct our actions, we become emotionally strengthened. Understanding that nobody else or nothing else has the power to make you feel badly, unless you give your power to that person or situation places you back in your power to choose to feel good no matter what. We will be going into how to learn emotional mastery and develop this skill to improve your health, relationships and business success, and why this is so important. Emotions are the language of the soul, and they need to be listened to without allowing them to control us.


✔ Session 3: Become an Energetic Match for What You Desire After we have gone through the psychology and emotional clearing sessions, you’ll be ready to now raise your energy, vibration and become en energetic match to the things you want in your life through who you’re BEing, and what you’re believing. We will be focusing on how to rise from lower self thinking and behavior patterns that are keeping you in the same situations and circumstances.

✔Creating Healthy Boundaries + Relationships: Maybe you think that friend you keep meeting for coffee that sucks the life out of you, or the daily arguments with your husband don’t impact your health or ability to improve other areas of your life. But this is not the case. A lot of conflicts tend to happen because one or both parties lack healthy personal boundaries.  Having weak boundaries, spending time with people who harm more than help you, giving your time and energy away to the wrong things and people, being a ‘yes woman’, undercharging for your services, say yes when it’s no, working extra hours for free, helping that friend that always needs your help, but isn’t ever there for you…these all drain our life force energy and lead to health issues, and block our flow of abundance and success in all areas of our life. We are diving into how to know who’s harming or helping you, how to set boundaries with grace and love even with the most challenging people or situations. You’ll even get wording scripts with exactly what to say, and how to say it.

Here’s How You’ll Get the Transformation You Desire:

4 Audio/Video Sessions (about 45-60 minutes each) sent out each Saturday Morning. You’ll have the weekend and the rest of the week to complete the lesson and home work exercises. Each days lesson will also be available in text bullet form format so you don’t need to take notes! You can listen on your walks or while doing other things if you learn best that way, or curl up with a pot of tea and your journal and dive in.

✔ Private Facebook Community for Sisterhood, community and support. Lifetime access to the group as long as this program exists. I’ll be popping in to regularly to answer questions every week day.

 Q & A Threads inside the group. You’ll have the opportunity to get your questions answered each week inside the group.

Weekly Lesson Upgrades: Additional protocols, videos, audios, PDF’s, e-Books, and practices to go with each session.   You’ll work on this as homework from Sat – Friday each week.

Early Action Takers Bonus!  45 Minute Private Breakthrough session ($350 value) if you sign up before Monday March 18th at 6 PM (PST)

Fast Action Bonuses if you sign up before March 20th:

BONUS 1: How to Get the Love You Want and Light Up Your Lady Mojo Masterclass plus 2 Bonus videos on how to heal and shift your relationship ($97)

BONUS 2: The Radical Self Love Revolution Audio Course ($49)

BONUS 3: Maximize Your Energy Digital Bundle: Discover Your Personal Energy Drains and how to fix them so that you can increase your physical energy and improve your health. ($47)

All of the content is yours to keep for the lifetime of this program.


Need more proof my methods work? Here’s a few of my clients results.

Deadline to enroll in this round is March 24th

We start on March 30th!

Get yo’ booty inside this program if you want to change your life. This is the process I take my clients though, and I’ve put it in a 30 day group experience.

PS. This is an introductory rate, and the price will be going up on the next round of this program!

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