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Get on the Waiting List for Private Coaching with Leanne

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Now Accepting Applications for Private Coaching

I’ll be accepting private clients again in January 2020. If you’d like to secure one of the limited spaces to get started in the New Year, please start by applying for a complimentary consultation.


“It’s already hard to remember that old me”
“Working with Leanne has created a drastic shift in my life, its already hard to remember that old me. I had no energy or drive to participate in life, and now I feel like I am moving forward and “living true to my intentions”, my new life mantra”. – B.S


“I have had more success with Leanne in 3 months than 25 years of therapy!” D.M


I randomly found Leanne on Instagram right when I needed her. I scheduled a consult for the next day,  and hired her on the spot – SHE IS THAT GOOD. She GETS it! I have been working with Leanne in the ETC program and as a private client, and she has helped me get my life back. I was in a highly overtly abusive relationship for nearly ten years. I left that marriage and married a man I thought was the answer to my prayers. I started feeling just like I did in my past marriage, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I happened to be scrolling Instagram one day and saw one of her posts. SHE is the answer to my prayers. She helped me identify that my health issues are rooted in my unhealthy relationship. This time, however, I am in a covertly passive-aggressive relationship. The entire time I thought it was ME. Leanne has helped me identify the abusive behaviors and has coached me on how to disentangle myself from my husband so that I can see what part of this is his and what part is mine. I no longer feel responsible for all of it. Leanne is helping me cut through the fog from being gaslit for around 13 years. The strides I have made in just 2 short months are amazing and I am very hopeful for my future. I love that Leanne will offer support no matter if you are staying in the relationship, leaving, or are undecided. The cost of working with Leanne and REGAINING MY LIFE is worth every single penny…in my mind her services are priceless. I am so grateful for her and that she came into my life when she did.” – A.H



“If you get a chance to work with Leanne she will transform your behavior and help shift your energy towards what serves you. I’m so grateful she has given me my voice and taught me to love myself just the way I am and to go deep and face my emotions head on. Leanne taught me to set boundaries and take care of me. Thank you for lifting me up.” – J.P