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Living Empowered in Health, Life and Love

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17.Nov, 2016 Comments Off on Living Empowered in Health, Life and Love Podcast Show Notes,Self Help & Growth

Living Empowered in Health, Life and Love

Thrive Podcast (4)

Thrive Podcast Episode #04:

Empowerment: Living In Your Power (INpowered)

Empowerment means fully owning our inherent power to use our personal power to create our lives with deliberate intent. When we are not operating from a deep and healthy sense of personal power in our lives, we feel like a victim of our circumstances rather than a creator of our reality.

In this episode I discuss:

    • What is empowerment?
    • Healthy power vs: unhealthy power
    • What an empowered person does daily
    • Victim mindset vs: empowered mindset
    • How to show up more powerfully in your life to create the life you desire

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“Empowered people know that they are the creators of their own lives”. ~Leanne

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