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Health For Hustlers Program

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Introducing Health for Hustlers

A 30 Day Mind-Body Blueprint to Take Your Health and Business to The Next level

You’ve taken ALL the business programs, you know all the strategies, now it’s time to focus on YOU.

You’ve been hustling for so long to reach your goals, and have achieved so much, but you’ve left yourself and your health behind.


You’re feeling a little more tired than usual, your hormones are out of whack, and mentally you’re feeling less inspired and focused, perhaps even a little burned out.


Success is about more than reaching multi- five-figure months, and 10,000 Instagram followers.


Without your health, resilience to stress (we all have stress), mental balance and mind mastery, you’ll just keep running up against the same ceilings, or you’ll be too burned out to enjoy the lifestyle you’ve created.


Business success is created from the inside out. It requires strategy as well as inner work, and a strong focus on our health and wellness including simple daily habits to optimize body and brain function.


Health for Hustlers is a fusion and integration of functional medicine practices, nutrition and health hacks, lifestyle design, and inner work rooted in counselling psychology, emotional intelligence and mindset.


 This Program Is For You If You’re A Female Entrepreneur, Coach or Service Provider Who:


✔ Has hit consistent 5-10k months, and are having success in business, but are feeling burned out from the lack of balance and healthy habits in your life


✔ Wants to take your business to the next level, but aren’t exactly sure how. You’re lacking consistency with your energy levels (and actions you’re taking in your business), and it’s stopping you from reaching your business goals


✔  Feels embarrassed that you’re successful on the outside, but how you REALLY feel is worn out, and unsure of how you can continue to grow your business with your diagnosis or condition


✔ Is feeling burnout creep in,or is told by doctors everything is ‘normal’ and you want to take action now so that you have the energy and mental clarity to reach you goals


✔ You have a chronic health condition like Thyroid, Adrenal or hormone Imbalance and you want some strategic lifestyle, nutritional and wellness practices you can fit in during your day to support your body as you grow your business (even when you’re super busy with launches and clients).


Our goal and intention in this program is to give you a road map, guide and check list for the simple daily habits you can develop to shift your health and transform your life.


Success is created in 1 degree shifts,  accumulated through consistent actions, taken every day.


We are going to show you how to make massive shifts on every level, with small daily changes and new habits that add up to more energy, focus and joy every day.


You Want:

✔More mental clarity and focus so you know exactly what to focus on each day

✔More reliable energy in your body so you plan out your days without fear of an energy crash

✔Better Sleep and to wake up feeling motivated to take on the day

✔Balanced Hormones and NO more PMS so your period doesn’t have to take you down for a whole week


Here’s what you get when you invest in our program:

✔Simple strategies to improve how your body functions throughout the day

✔Nutrition hacks to boost energy + sharpen mental focus

✔Tools to rewire your brain for healthy habits

✔ Cycle syncing to optimize your month

✔ Your Epic Day blueprint

✔ A 30-day container

✔ Private Facebook group with support

✔4 weekly live group calls with coaching and Q+A

✔ Lifetime access as we expand and improve the program*


The Core Modules: Each Week Taught LIVE via Zoom Starting July 16th.


MODULE 1: Program Your Mind for Success with Leanne:

Creating Your Vision and Daily Success Blueprint

  • Get crystal clear on your vision — clarity builds confidence, confidence builds momentum and momentum gets results
  • Who you want to BEcome
  • What’s your next level?
  • What roadblocks have been holding you back?
  • What strategies need to be implemented to move past them?
  • Create a personalized Daily Success Blueprint to start implementing immediately


MODULE 2: Program Your Body For Success with Michelle

Tapping into Your Body’s Natural Rhythm for Sustained Energy & Mental Focus

  • Get in tune with what your body is communicating to you
  • Optimize or re-calibrate your sleep cycles to have the best sleep every night
  • Learn to use your menstrual rhythm as your monthly roadmap
  • Learn how to tap into your body’s rhythms to increase get through your to-do list, have greater mental clarity and focus


MODULE 3: Reprogram Your Emotional Intelligence and Psychology for Success

Learn how your thoughts, emotions, beliefs impact your level of success and how to create new patterns that lead to knew results

  • Understand emotional fluctuations, anxiety, depression, and how minor adjustments can make a big impact
  • Create healthy habits for dealing with your emotions (rather than falling in to numbing and self sabotaging behaviors like eating all the sugar or scrolling on social media and avoiding what needs to be done)
  • Become empowered by your emotions and learn how to work with, not against them
  • Tap into your emotions for guidance and as an anchor for what is and isn’t working in your life and business 

MODULE 4: Reprogram Your Nervous System for Success with Michelle

Making Overwhelm Obsolete by Reprogramming the Nervous System

  • Learn strategies to implement during your day that reprogram the nervous system for healing, instead of survival (AKA stress mode)
  • Learn how to prevent burnout with simple lifestyle hacks
  • Learn how to protect yourself (and your family!) from EMFs 
  • Learn simple concepts to blast through projects and create more time in your day

BONUS #1: Private Members-Only Facebook Community with support from Leanne and Michelle.

  • We will be sharing live videos, supplemental materials and hanging out with you on the daily
  • Ask any questions you might have during the program and get answers
  • Connect with other high-achieving women who are on a mission to share their purpose and passion with the world
  • Join a sisterhood of like-minded women who will be there to support you the whole way

BONUS #2: Weekly Q &A group coaching calls to cover the material and answer your questions.

  • Show up and have your questions answered
  • All group coaching calls will be recorded, so you can go at your own pace and review as necessary

BONUS #3: Lifetime access 

  • Remain in the Facebook group for the life of the program
  • Stay updated as we expand, refine and improve the program


In addition you’ll be guided to transforming from within using Leanne’s Holistic Counselling and Transformation Coaching methods for dealing with turning heavy emotions into power, shifting limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck, developing greater self awareness and tools for moving though anxiety and times when you’re feeling discouraged and overwhelmed.


Your Investment:

$777 USD

Your Next Steps:

Step 1: Purchase the program. You’ll have unlimited access to the program and Facebook group support for the life of the program. Questions for either of us? Email Leanne at or Michelle at


Step 2: Once you’ve processed your payment, you’ll receive an email with your next steps, and link to the Facebook community before the program start date


Step 3: We kick off the program on July 16th with out first class date and time TBA. (Recordings of each class will be available in case you can’t make it live and you’ll have the opportunity to get coaching and your questions answered even if you’re not on the call).



This offer is for a small group of women to become our founding members, to offer feedback and be part of the creation of this program.


And, because this is our first round, we are offering an exclusive Founding Members rate of $555 for early action takers.


Limited spots are available for the beta launch (so we can work through ALL the kinks and make this the BEST transformation program for high-achieving women)!


Michelle’s consultation fees start at $777, and Leanne’s consultation rates start at $500/hour, so  you’re getting both of us offering high value, highly transformational guidance, coaching, expertise and support for 30 days (and beyond) which is valued at over $5,000 (not including the group support and ongoing mentorship you will receive in the Facebook group).


Imagine being supported in your life emotionally and with your personal growth, along with having a skilled Functional Medicine and health professional to guide your wellness and health as you build and grow your business, in your back pocket when you need it.


This is your chance to be supported so you can better support your clients and those who need you to fully show up.


If you have a stressful day, are feeling burned out, or have something arise with your health, or in you personal life, we’ve got your back.


Our vision is to create the most EPIC Optimal Health guidance and Transformation program out there for female entrepreneurs who want to rise up and serve at a bigger level, and want to the tools and support to do that, without burnout or worsening a current Thyroid / hormone condition.


You are more than an entrepreneur, and your health and evolution are necessary parts of the equation of creating long term growth and life change.


You’re ready to transform your health and life, and we will be guiding you every step of the way using powerful, yet simple and easy to implement tweaks, success habits, nutrition and productivity hacks.


You’ll be on your way to having more energy, mental clarity and passion to fulfill your mission and make more money at the end of this 30 day program.


It’s time to put YOU at the top of the to-do list.


Your Group Leaders:


Michelle Rogers

Since 2012, Michelle has been perfecting the most effective, accessible, and streamlined virtual practice for high-achieving women. As a women’s health and entrepreneurship specialist, she provides a personalized blueprint, the strategy, and partnership these women need to get the mental focus and energy required to continue sharing their gifts, better serve their clients, and show up even more for the people they love.
In addition to one-on-one work and VIP days, she also provides online education to support women through their busy life and help them implement simple tactics to elevate their personal health and professional wealth.
Her goal is to reach more women who know that health is their greatest asset, so they can focus on their vision, energize their efforts, and create a life of WELLth – full of abundance, purpose, health, wealth and joy!
  • Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Certified Functional  Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner
  • Master of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine 



Leanne Oaten

Leanne Oaten has been a practicing Holistic Counsellor and Transformation Coach for the past 7 years, and now serves female entrepreneurs who want to build a purpose driven business, without the hustle, overwhelm and burnout cycle. She holds a Diploma in Applied Counselling Psychology, Mindfulness Based Coaching, Certification as a  Fitness Leader, and Level 1 & 2 Reiki Energy Medicine. She’s passionate about inspiring and empowering women to make their dream life and business a reality, while making themselves and their health a top priority.


Want to learn more? Check out the Masterclass Replay Below