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The Emotional Transformation Triangle

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27.May, 2019 Comments Off on The Emotional Transformation Triangle Anxiety,Emotional Wellness,Self Help & Growth

The Emotional Transformation Triangle

Learning how to work with our emotions is the key to emotional empowerment.

Having tools and processes to guide us through tough emotions is the way toward self healing, physical healing, healthier relationships, greater feelings of well-being, more mental clarity, and building success habits in other areas of our lives and business.

I’ve developed this model and tool which is a process you can take yourself through when you’re experiencing difficult emotions.

The idea here is that you will begin to become aware of where you are in this triangle and move toward being able to identify a core emotion, and when you’re in a pattern of avoidance, or defense around those more vulnerable core emotions.

We always want to come back to the feeling, to allow what is to be, to stay open to ALL feelings and emotions, and let go of labeling them as “good”, “bad”, “positive” or “negative”.

Learn about how the ETT works in this intro lesson on this episode of the podcast.

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